The Wirty Arboretum

The first experimental areas for mainly North American forest trees such as the Douglas fir, Pacific red cedar, noble fir, Lawson’s cypress, northern red oak, sweet birch and others were created halfway through the 19th century. Much of this area is preserved to this day in the so-called Forest Part of the Arboretum. The over 100-year-old trees make an impression with their size and height, which reaches 40 metres, and their tremendous, column-like trunks. Individual specimens of various species, mostly coniferous trees (thuyas, larches, firs) all over 100-years old also grow along the alley in the park segment of the Arboretum.

The 33.61 ha Arboretum is currently home to 145 species, varieties and forms of coniferous plants and approximately 310 deciduous plants, as well as about 150 species of undergrowth. A didactic path about 2.7 km long was created in the forest part.




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