Open’er Festival

For the first few years, the Open'er festival was organized in the central square of Gdynia - Kosciuszko Square. However, it soon turned out that the interest in participating in the event was so huge that it was necessary to look for a new place for the event. They were found quickly, locating the festival since 2006 at the Naval Airport in Babie Doly, in the Kosakowo commune, just beyond the northern border of Gdynia.

Moby at the Opener, fot.

This location is very convenient, as it is far from the center just so that the participants of the annual music event feel at ease and do not disturb the residents. Getting to the festival area is not a problem, because the concert ticket is honoured on a special bus line connecting the main festival gate with the center of Gdynia.

The festival evolves from year to year, maintaining the character of a very varied event. Artists perform on several stages, so that participants can freely plan their journey through musical genres. The fun starts in the late afternoon and lasts all night until dawn. Security and medical services watch over the safety of the participants, and after a night of fun, you can sleep in the festival campsite.

Open'er Festival, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Open'er Festival, photo: Pomorskie Travel

The Open’er Festival is very popular among both participants and artists. In previous years, stars include: Sex Pistols, Massive Attack, Faith No More, Björk, Skunk Anansie, Maria Peszek, Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa and Izrael.

The importance of Open’er as a festival event is constantly growing, as evidenced not only by the growing attendance of spectators, but also by the prestigious awards it receives. The first edition at the airport in Babie Doly was recognized by the British magazine “Q” as one of the six most important festivals of the year.

Festiwal, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Festiwal, fot. Pomorskie Travel


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