Catch a breath in Tucholskie Forests

Tucholskie Forests is one of the largest forested area in Poland, a place with special tourists and landscape attractions, due to that part of it was taken under special care and National Park Tucholskie Forest was created. This is also the largest biosphere in Poland, place to rest and have a close contact to Nature. Tucholskie Forests is the green lungs of the region nad invites to take care of Your own health by sport activities. This is the place where You ca cycle down the path of Kashubian Walkway or kayaking down Brda, Zbrzyca or Chocina Rivers.
So, are You ready of unforgettable experience in “green” way?

Tucholskie Forests National Park

Covers the most precious when nature, culture and landscape is concerned, parts of the largest forest complex in Poland. It is here, where We shall find peace and calmness, deep green areas and birds singing and who knows, maybe an wild animal will show up… A number of walking and bicycle paths invite You to feel the nature, because there is nothing more beautiful than  lakes cutting green forests or rivers meandering through the meadows. We have to remember that National Park is  a very special place, where You have to obey  some rules – it is not our kingdom, We are just visitors here.

National Park Bory Tucholskie, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M.Ochocki

National Park Bory Tucholskie, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M.Ochocki

Kayak trail down Brda River

Brda (238 km) is the  main waterway of Tucholske Forests and one of the most popular and liked kayak trails in Poland. It is due to the fact that it has a big variety of landscapes through the forests, meadows and lakes. It is also the best touristic  developed waterway. Wide waterbed in the area of Tucholskie National Park. Slow water stream and very little obstructions on the way makes this waterway the most popular among families. So, are You taking Your kids down the stream?

Zaborski PK Brda, fot. Styl Beata Chojęta

Zaborski PK Brda, fot. Styl Beata Chojęta

Cycling tracks down the Kashubian Walkway

It’s the system of cycling paths of the total length of around 200 km, so We can really cycle through the Tucholskie Forests and admire the views. The Kashubian Walkway  along the opportunity to be close to the nature gives You the possibility to get to know the cultural heritage of the region, try the local food and know more about the people who live here. Getting there, We shall have opportunity to visit the Mylof dam, the workshop of a local artist Józef Chełmowski or attractions of Chojnice. Ruins of the wooden windmill in Chocimski Mill, a number of lakes, where You can swim or villages with local climate should be an additional advantage of this trip. The exact description of the walkways, including their length and  maps You will find here Active- Bicycles – Tucholskie Forests.


Chojnice, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Chojnice, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Mylof Dam

Mylof is small but very important place in Tucholskie Forests. It is here, where the Great Brda Canal starts, so the large system of hydrotechnical devices built half oh XIX c. The water dam was built here as well, that directs the waters to the height of 12 m!!! Is is the only stair dam in Poland, more about it You will find here Discover – Regions.

Charzykowskie Lake

It is one of the most beautiful lake of the region, the cradle of Polish inland yachting and their traditions go back to interwar period. This is the place where the first Yachting Club in Poland was opened. There are also many regatta competitions, training camps, swimming facilities and when the winter comes,  area for iceboats competitions. Well prepared accommodation  facilities, far from the crowded beach areas invites people for long walks, bicycle and kayak trips. This is the Charzykowskie Lake where the Brda kayak way goes, and lowers of shanties will find Shanties Song Festival “Shanties” very interesting too.


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