Wiezyca Peak and attractions on the Szymbarskie Hills trail

For those climbing the Wiezyca peak, the attractions of Kashuby are clearly visible. Amazing views of lakes and hills covered with dense vegetation typical of this region offer active relaxation in the bosom of nature. The mountain is located on one of the longest trails in the Gdansk region - the Szymbarskie Hills Trail. The route leads from the Tricity deep into the center of the Kashubian Lake District, where there are plenty of attractions for children and adults in the summer and winter seasons.

The observation tower on Wiezyca

The observation tower on Wiezyca is approximately 50 km from Gdansk. By following the Szymbarskie Hills Trail, you can reach amazing places and interesting corners. The trail reaches primarily the Szymbarskie Hills and the highest hill – Wiezyca (329 m above sea level), which is not only the highest place in the Kashubian Lake District in Poland, but also in the entire Central European Lowlands. There is a large parking lot nearby, which, even during the peak season, provides parking for anyone interested in the park for the price of four zlotys. We can reach the tower via one of three trails, taking about a 15-minute walk.

The observation tower on Wiezyca, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

The observation tower on Wiezyca, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Koszalkowo Active Recreation Center

At the foot of Wiezyca there is one of the branches of the Kashubian People’s University. Koszalkowo is 4 km away. The Koszalkowo Active Recreation Center is located on Lake Ostrzyckie at the foot of the Wiezyca peak. The center has a playground for children, a swimming pool, a stable with horse riding lessons, fishing spots and the possibility of taking part in a kayaking trip in the summer.

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View of the beautiful Kashuby

From the top of the observation tower John Paul II, there is a view of the forests surrounding the Tower on all sides. It stands near the highest hill in the Szymbarskie Hills. This tower, which tourists climb today, is not the first structure built on a hill. Archival documents show that towers have been built on Wiezyca for centuries.

The earliest information about which appeared in old records dates back to the Middle Ages. The tower monitored the area and warned residents of the approaching danger. Depending on the age, these were the Swedish Deluge, fires, river flooding or other threats. Naming the tower in Wiezyca in Kashuby after John Paul II distinguishes it from the mountain of the same name in southwestern Poland, where there is also a tower named after Bismarck.

A slope and a ski lift

A big surprise for tourists may be the slope and ski lift with professional equipment for winter sports. You can ski here all winter long, as long as there is enough snow. In the winter season, there is a ski and snowboarding school. Pomorskie has excellent conditions for cross-country skiing and it is worth trying cross-country skiing here. Children will certainly enjoy the playground and sledding down the hill. The ski trails offered by the ski resort are several hundred meters long and are carefully prepared for the winter season.

Skiing in Kashubia. Photo © DepositphotosOleksandr Batsyn

Skiing in Kashubia. Photo © DepositphotosOleksandr Batsyn

Kashubian village - Open-air museum in Szymbark

The Ethnographic Park and Open-Air Museum in Szymbark is a perfect place to see what Kashubian rural buildings once looked like. The hosts provide many attractions prepared especially for tourists visiting this place:

  • A house standing on its head
  • The Siberian House
  • The longest board in the world
  • Monument to Griffin of Pomorskie
  • Griffin Pomorski’s bunker
  • Salino Manor
  • Church of St. Rafał
  • Kaszuba House from Canada

Szymbark is located in one of the most beautiful tourist places in Kashubian Switzerland. In addition to the fact that this village is located in the heart of the Kashubian Landscape Park, thanks to the ingenuity of the organizers, tourist attractions attract numerous visitors from all over the world.

The observation tower on Wiezyca, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

The observation tower on Wiezyca, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Tourist attractions and Kashubian guesthouses

Then, from Wiezyca, the route crosses the Radunskie Lakes and goes to the neighbouring shore with the Kashuby Gate to reach the Mirachowo Forests with nature reserves: Kurze Grzedy and Turzycowe Lake. The finish is located in Sierakowice, a large Kashubian communal village, focused on tourists. Most of this part of the trail is located in the Kashubian Landscape Park. This is an extremely interesting place for all visitors to Kashuby. It is difficult to find attractions in Pomorskie such as those offered by Kashubian Switzerland  and the towns around it.

A short distance from Wiezyca there is a charmingly situated Malinowka Guesthouse. It is surrounded by ecologically clean lakes and beautiful Kashubian landscapes. Next to it, you can rent comfortably furnished cottages in Raspberry Hills. Guesthouse Jaroszewskie Hills is located in Sierakow and offers cottages and rooms for tourists, as well as regional dishes in the restaurant. Accommodation in the area of Sierakowo, Szymbark, Wiezyca and Koszalkowo among lakes and perfectly preserved nature ensures a successful holiday for the whole family.



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