Where to go fishing in Pomorskie?

Maybe the whole north of Poland is to fishers a land of wealth, however you can isolate specific corners especially kind to fishing enthusiasts. A pomorskie eldorado is in this sense Pojezierze Kaszubskie [Kashubian Lake District]. It is worth to mention the offer of special fishery Zalew Mikorowski [Mikorowski Lagoon].

It’s not a coincidence that one of the foundations of local traditional regional cuisine are fresh fish cooked in various ways. Kashubian reservoirs are unusually diverse in terms of size and character – we have here subglacial lakes, ponds and watercourses. It translates to a rich and diverse ichthyofauna, which consists of, among others, roaches, perches, tenches, pikes, zanders, breams and eels – a total of 30 fish species, including many rare and protected ones. Among the most valued ones, we should mention endemic variation of bulltrout, called wdzydzki bulltrout, which lives in lake Wdzydze and rivers Wda and Trzebiocha.

Fishing in Pomorskie, photo: Pershing, stock.adobe

Fishing in Pomorskie, photo: Pershing, stock.adobe

Wdzydze, along with the lakes Radolne, Jelenie and Gołuń create a so called Krzyż Jezior Wdzydzkich [Wdzydze Lakes Cross], also called a „Kashubian Sea.” The total area of the complex is almost 1,5 thousand hectares. In kościerski county, we will find more fisheries that guarantee the presence of many fish species and perfect conditions for fishing.

Man fishing at lake, photo: PROT

Man fishing at lake, photo: PROT

Fishery Niedamowo

Niedamowo Fishery is located around 16 kilometres from Kościerzyna, by the lake Grubel. The area of the reservoir is almost 8 hectares, and its mean depth is 6 metres. Almost 20 percent of the lake constitutes a shallowing bay with a depth of not more than 2 metres, which constitutes a safe shelter for fish like for example carp, bream, tench, grass carp and roach. If you’re is lucky, you can also find a silvercarp and big specimen of eel, in turn, among the predators, pike and perch dominate. The fishery is available also during the winter, if the thickness of ice allows for safe fishing. Except for the perfect conditions for fishing, Niedamowo also offers night stay in wooden houses.

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Fishery Karasiowo 

10 kilometres from Kościerzyna, next to the E20 route in the direction of Gdańsk, there is a Karasiowo fishery [Crucian carp fishery], which offers two ponds to fishers – one of the area of 2 hectares with nine isles and a little pond with fry, which functions as a fishing school for children. The depth of the bigger pond hovers from 2 to 4,5 metres, and the water has a beautiful dark brown colour, and that’s why the bottom vegetation is not numerous here. The most numerous species of fish are – in compliance with the fishery’s name – goldfish and Prussian carp, as well as tench, roach, perch, pike and carp. A well prepared shoreline allows for casual fishing from the shore, it also is a great solution for disabled people. Fishing from a boat is also possible. During the winter, when the thickness of ice on the pond is safe enough, for fishers await beautiful coloured perches and roaches.

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Fishery Świniobudy

Świniobudy Fishery, located around 3 kilometres from Kościerzyna, is a quiet reservoir of subglacial background of the area of 4 hectares and depth of 22 metres, surrounded by picturesque Kashubian landscapes. Thanks to the water kept at the highest level of clarity, in the fishery there live numerous fish species, from among which the most frequent ones are perch, tench, roach, pike, eel, zander, silvercarp, sturgeon, as well as an endemic in these waters wdzydzki bulltrout.

The lake is regularly stocked, and the biggest specimen caught here are a 18-kilogram carp and a 7-kilogram pike.

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Fishery in Grzybowski Młyn

Leaving Kościerzyna in the direction of Wdzydze, after 8 kilometres, we will reach special fishery in Grzybowski Młyn. A reservoir of the area of 3 hectares is leased by Zakłady Rybackie “Wdzydze”, and its mean depth is 0,75 metres (max. 1,5 m). A picturesque location of the reservoir is created by local hills, as well as surrounding the shore forest with minor greenery. The fishery is mainly meant for fishing from the shore. Among fish species here, we can mention carp, grass carp, bream, tench, pike, roach and perch. Open-access baits are preferable.

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Fishery Stawiska 

Around 10 km from Kościerzyna, by the regional road no. 214, we will find Stawiska fishery by the lobelioideae lake Zakrzewie, with characteristic clear water of acidic reaction, poor in biogenic substances. The area of the reservoir is 11 hectares, and its mean depth is 9 metres (18 metres in the deepest point). In the fish stock such species like pike, bream, eel, whitefish, grass carp and catfish dominate. The fishery has  a good on-foot access to the shoreline, and fishing enthusiasts have two piers to use. There is also an option to rent swimming equipment. Available for fishers is also an accommodation place on the territory of “Stawiska” centre, where you can buy fishing permits. Guests can enjoy the modern infrastructure with free parking, as well as new wooden houses, located by the shore of the lake.

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  • ul. Stawiska 41, 83-431 Stary Bukowiec
  • tel. +48 58 686 25 96
  • email: stawiska@gdanskafundacja.pl
  • www.gdanskafundacja.pl

Fishery Piaseczno

Piaseczno fishery in Liniewo is the only natural lake in Poland with such a numerous school of big salmonids fish. We can find here also three species of a trout: brown trout, char, and the most numerous and the most combative one, steelhead. The record-breaking steelhead specimen, caught on hackle, had a length of 98 centimetres and a mass of almost 10 kilograms. In the fish stock there are also bulltrouts and chars, pikes, perches and whitefish. Piaseczno is a great training ground for every fishing enthusiast that uses fish lure. On the fishery’s terrain, there is a Neptun fishing centre which offers a option of an overnight stay – guests can choose from a double suite and 6 comfortably furnished rooms, as well as a hunting house for 5 people located several dozen metres from the main building of the centre. An additional attraction is a botanical garden which houses many rare plants. In the fishing centre there is a restaurant, in the menu of which we can find, among others, dishes from freshwater fish, primarily from the trout, bulltrout and sturgeon fishery.

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Fishery in Niesiołowice

Among the pine forest, halfway between Sulęczyn and Stężyca, we can find one of the most popular and the best stocked fisheries on Kashubia – Niesiołowice. Subglacial lake Czarne with the area of 20 hectares, is 2-3 metres deep on average (max. 8-10 m), and its shoreline  – accessible wholly to fishers – has around 3,5 kilometres. Among present species here are carp, grass carp, zander, pike, Prussian carp, eel, trout, bulltrout, bream, perch, catfish and tench.

For the fishery’s guests awaits a charming Stanica Nad Kamiennymi Kręgami [Marina by Stone Henge], located just on the shoreline of Czarne lake. Directly from the terrace of Stanica, we go down on stone stairs to a pier, to which fishing boats and swimming recreational equipment are moored. The centre’s name is connected to located nearby (15 minutes walk) burial ground Gotów in Węsiory, also called Kamienne Kręgi [Stone Henge] in Węsiory.

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  • Niesiołowice 68A, 83-320 Sulęczyno
  • tel. + 48 58 685 37 10, + 48 604 293 740
  • e-mail: niesiolowice@wp.pl
  • www.niesiolowice.com

Fishery Zalew Mikorowski

Great conditions for fishing can be found also in a slightly different corner of Pomorze, between Lębork and Słupsk, that is in Mikorowo. There is a place there just perfect for a relaxing rest combined with fishing. Located among the forests, a special fishery Zalew Mikorowski consists of three private lakes, stocked with hatchery of a pike. You can also find here tench, perch, rudd and roach. Other than the fishing infrastructure and a good accommodation offer, the centre also offers an organization of company retreats, conferences, bonfires with sausages or summer horse riding. Guests have a free access to boats and fishing tackle. A picturesque lake Mikorowskie attracts tourists from all around Poland with its well developed beach, as well as windsurfing school, kayak and pedalo rental.

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ul. Mikorowo 46, 76-243 Mikorowo

tel. + 48 59 821 21 21

e-mail: stajniagrazyny@o2.pl



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