Weekend attractions in the Tri-City

You cannot be bored in the Tri-City, there are many places worth visiting. Below you will find a list of the best attractions in Tricity for a weekend. After watching them, it is impossible not to fall in love with these well-known Baltic towns, which have already enchanted so many.

Gdansk - the amber capital of the country

It is from Gdansk that we will start tasting the attractions of the Tri-City. A weekend on the coast is worth starting here, in one of the most charming Polish metropolises.

The obligatory point of every tour is the Royal Route, considered to be the heart of the city. In the past, this road was used by rulers visiting the city, today we can tread it. Along the route marked by old, narrow tenement houses we will have the opportunity to admire the monuments of Gdansk. Among them are the Golden Gate, the Uphagen House with a museum housed inside, the town hall and the Artus House with the Neptune fountain in front of it, a distinctive showcase of Gdansk, matching the popularity of the one located at Szeroka Street Crane. Then the Green Gate, the royal residence from years ago. The route continues towards Dlugie Ogrody Street to the Zuławka Gate.

Ołowianka Island, photo: M. Ochocki, Pomorskie Travel

Ołowianka Island, photo: M. Ochocki, Pomorskie Travel

However, the specific architecture and age-old buildings are not the only attractions of the Tricity. Weekend is a great time to savour the culture of Gdansk. You can do it at the Garrison of Culture. Apart from cultural delights, there is no shortage of culinary delights. So it is worth eating a little, tasting delicious dishes and drinking freshly brewed beer from the local brewery. Numerous cultural events take place in the Garrison of Culture. You can feel the spirit of urban vibe here.

If you are travelling with children, take a walk to the Oliwski Park or Orunski Park. A boat trip to Westerplatte, Sobieszewska Island or Hel is a great attraction that will arouse a lot of emotions among small tourists. The Hewelianum Centre will be a place of excellent learning through fun, and the observation wheel, kayak trip will complete the day.

Golden Gate, photo: M. Ochocki, Pomorskie Travel

Golden Gate, photo: M. Ochocki, Pomorskie Travel

Sopot attractions - Tricity for a weekend

From Gdansk we will move to the Sopot beach, where you can enjoy the sun and relax among the sound of the waves. It is a resting place of many famous Poles and one of the most popular Baltic resorts. Here we will rest after an exciting tour of the streets of Gdansk and see the longest pier in Europe. It is a symbol of the city, and a walk through it will surely delight children. The youngest participants of our tour will undoubtedly be happy to have fun on the beach.

Being in Sopot it is also worth to go for a walk along the city promenade, where there are beautiful tenement houses and souvenir shops. Among them is the impressive Crooked House.

The stage of cultural events is the amphitheatre, known as the Sopot Forest Opera.

Sopot at night, photo: Pomorskie Travel/ M. Ochocki

Sopot at night, photo: Pomorskie Travel/ M. Ochocki

Gdynia - a place where modernity triumphs

Taking advantage of the attractions in the Tri-City for a weekend it is impossible to miss Gdynia. The city is known for its modernist architecture and rich cultural background.

The tour is worth starting from the port of Gdynia. It is in the Captain’s House that we can find the words of Gombrowicz, who was just starting his journey across the ocean in Gdynia, embedded in the pavement, taken from the book – “Transatlantic”.

After soaking up the unique atmosphere of the harbor, we can head towards Kosciuszko Square. With we will find something that will delight especially children, the Gdynia Aquarium, with rare specimens of fish, amphibians and reptiles from all over the world. For history enthusiasts it may also be interesting to visit the museums located on the ships.

Looking for attractions in the Tri-City for a weekend, it is worth taking advantage of the rich cultural offer of the cities.

In Gdynia there is no shortage of inspiring places where you can broaden your horizons and awaken new passions. These include numerous museums, including the Experyment Science Centre, the Pomorskie Science and Technology Park and the Emigration Museum.

The visit is worth ending in Orlowo, a residential area of the city with a delightful beach and an atmospheric pier.

Gdynia waterfront, photo: Pomorskie Travel, M. Ochocki

Gdynia waterfront, photo: Pomorskie Travel, M. Ochocki



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