The Aquarium in Gdynia

The impressive and very-well-located building at the end of the Southern Pier contains the Gdynia Aquarium. With a combined scientific and educational character the place is a cross between a museum and a water zoo. In several tdozen huge aquariums there are over two hundred species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. Before getting to the living exhibits there is a theoretical training. The museum exhibition room offers a transparent and understandable explanation of the issues related to the sea, sea life and the methods of exploration and exploitation of the sea;s natural resources by humans. It is worth the attention as the next rooms display maritime life in its full glory. The aquaria are huge, and arranged to reflect natural conditions, so the animals living there can be watched in their natural habitats. Crocodiles, snakes, crabs and tortoises, i.e. the animals of sea and land, introduce their world, which normally is not available to humans, with its natural side unknown to many. The real aesthetic and exotic impressions are fully realised in the next room, continuing the warm-water fish and real living coral reef with colourful fish living there next to other animals, whose names are difficult to remember and whose shapes are outstanding. The most popular exhibits of the Gdynia Aquarium are the sharks and the octopuses. The sharks are not big, as they are quite young, but the visitors still feel respect for their older siblings. The octopus astonishes crowds of visitors who gather at the glass wall in awe of this unusual animal.

When in Gdynia the Aquarium is definitely worth seeing. It is a great fun place both for children and adults, admiring the beauty of the underwater world, and the pictures made there (without flash) are similar to those made by divers during their deep water trips.



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