The Children’s Day with science and culture

All inquisitive kids from all over the world celebrate their day on the 1st June. The International Children’s Day (MDD) is a perfect occasion to get to know the offer of Pomeranian cultural and educational sights.

This time We start with Kociewie, with the National See Museum. 2rd June the Centre of Wreck and Shops Conservation invites, due to the Children’s Day for an interesting trip around the world. Thanks to the re-enactment group from the museum, who guide there, We shall go back in time and check how life in middle age Torun looked like. It will be a fantastic occasion to learn about the people and their work in the city 500 years ago, and to see what were their occupation. Those who will be very much interested will be able to compare the middle age way of writing with the modern text massage way or tablet way. There will be also some sweet treats – that is the Children’s Day! See You in Tczew. Free admission.

Hewelianum Centre

Let’s move to Gdansk, a bit higher – literally and symbolically.  Hewelianum Centre situated on the Gradowa Hill Fort is a very special place. The modern science centre located in renovated XIX c. military building will interest  not only children but parents too. We invite to visit 10 exhibitions, divided according to subjects. “Around the World” is an offer  from geography science field, for those who are interested in the world.

The magic journey starts inside the Earth, where We learn about the seismic movements of the earth and how the volcanos work. Further, We go through the colourful Asia, visiting different continents, to finish in Europe. This exhibition is so special that Discovery Channel took it under its patronage.

The next exhibition is about the physics “With the Energy”.

Several tens of stations were prepared in a way to enable the observations, to experiment and creation of different phenomenon. A very interesting offer is a station with the car simulation driving  in difficult conditions. Specially prepared programs will let the driver use the car without getting into trouble. For those who are interested in planning We offer flood simulator. It depends on You if the village, built by You will be survive the flood or not.

At other exhibitions We can learn about the historical guns and try the different kinds of army uniforms and see which We like most. – the exhibition “Time Vehicle” , fun with the history. In the Laboratory of Mr. Kleks, there are four ferry tail parts waiting for us and the mathematical mystery will reveal new faces of the master of science. A special, interactive playground, which is a Jungle of Invagination is the place where children under the age 9 will not be bored for sure.

Science Centre Experiment in Gdynia

Museum Museum - Ethnographic Park with the name of Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski in Wdzydze Kiszewskie,

Beautiful landscapes, many lakes with good infrastructure and maybe a rooster sounds? Far from the agglomeration there is a special green land. Kashuby, being precise Southern Kashuby is a perfect place for a weekend trip as well as a longer stay.

To know more about the diversity of this region go and visit Museum – Kashubian Ethnographic Park with the name of Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, the oldest in Poland open air museum. On the 1st June the museum prepares along with the temporary exhibitions also an attractive program for children. In the wooden huts situated all over the museum, You will see old and modern Kashubian instruments, old children’s toys. What’s more You will be able to try Yourself how to do the embroidery, paint and iron in the old way.

Step by step with the nature… small explorer on the nature paths

Cinema, ice-cream a playground – those are the  must have items during the Children’s day for most of the families. In Pomerania there are many city attractions for the little ones and the bigger tourists, but this year We offer a trip to unknown…

“Sachara Desert… but in Kashuby” – this is how We can explain visiting the Słowinski National Park. There only few such special, natural places in Poland as this one. We can find a desert area of the moving dunes and near the sea lakes, swamps, peatbogs and thick forests. At the end We can climb Rowokół hill and from the viewing platform observe the landscape.

There are seven educational trails prepared for smaller and older children in Słowinski National Park. Thanks to them We can travel in time with our kids, rest around the nature and see how many interesting places are still waiting to be discovered in Pomerania region!

Słowiński Park Narodowy, fot. Adam Demczak

Słowiński Park Narodowy, fot. Adam Demczak



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