The hydroelectric power plant route on the Radunia

The trail is unique, as it features five hydroelectric power plants from the early 20th Century. The river is utilised for power almost in full. The power generators working there are classified as historic structures. The trail starts in Straszyn at the power station, which was constructed in 1910 as the first hydroelectric plant on the river. Many years ago, along with storage reservoirs, it was to protect Gdańsk from early spring flooding. The facility can be visited every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or upon prior arrangements with the administrator.

At the beginning of the new route the canoe can be put in the water next to the Straszyn Power Plant. The next stages of the water trip are Prędzieszyn, Kuźnice, Juszkowo, and Pruszcz Gdański. Each of these locations has a hydroelectric power plant. Due to the technical infrastructure on the river, three portages are needed. The additional attraction of the route is the possibility of visiting the Roman Factoria in Pruszcz Gdański. The atmospheric landscapes, “water castles” and the green surroundings provide an exceptional experience, close to nature, history and the rich culture of the region.

The voyage from Straszyn to Pruszcz down the hydroelectric power plants route on the Radunia takes approximately two hours. The trip can be continued in the direction of Gdańsk through Krępiec, where the Radunia flows into the Motława. It offers the chance of admiring the historical centre of Gdańsk from the riverside. The whole trip should take approximately 6 hours.



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