The Rutki hydroelectric power plant

The facility became a popular subject among photographers, thanks to its scenic location in the area of the Radunia Ravine. The construction was initiated in the early 20th Century by the German authorities, who saw a great business opportunity in producing electrical power for this area.

In the 1920’s the power from Rutki was transmitted with the Gródek-Wybrzeże power line to the newly-built port and city – Gdynia. The Radunia flows out from Kashubia, and has the characteristics of amountain river. Over the 105 km of its length the slope from the source to the mouth is 162 m. As much as 107 metres of this is used for power generation. As many as eight power plants were built on its short course in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Rutki hydroelectric power plant in Radunia

Rutki hydroelectric power plant in Radunia

They supplied electrical energy to Gdańsk. The power plants are located in Rutki, Łapino, Bielkowo, Straszyn, Prędzieszyn, Kuźnice, Juszkowo, and Pruszcz Gdański. They form a cascade system, which means that the majority of them must be active at the same time. Of the eight plants mentioned, the bigger ones located in the upper course of the river may be visited – Rutki, Łapino, Bielkowo, and Straszyn.



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