Step by step with the nature… small explorer on the nature paths

Cinema, ice-cream a playground – those are the  must have items during the Children’s day for most of the families. In Pomerania there are many city attractions for the little ones and the bigger tourists, but this year We offer a trip to unknown…

The Słowinski National Park

“A son Sachara Desert… but in Kashuby” – this is how We can explain visiting the Słowinski National Park. There only few such special, natural places in Poland as this one. We can find a desert area of the moving dunes and near the sea lakes, swamps, peatbogs and thick forests. At the end We can climb Rowokół hill and from the viewing platform observe the landscape.

There are seven educational trails prepared for smaller and older children in Słowinski National Park. Thanks to them We can travel in time with our kids, rest around the nature and see how many interesting places are still waiting to be discovered in Pomerania region!

Słowiński Park Narodowy, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Słowiński Park Narodowy, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Słowiński Park Narodowy, fot. Adam Demczak

Słowiński Park Narodowy, fot. Adam Demczak

The Nature Track “Rabka”

The trail starts at the historical presentation of “Wyrzutnia”, so the meeting place of the golf carts which connect Rabka with moving dunes. From here the trail goes along the red track towards the Western direction to the Lacka Dune and then it turns the North – to the beach, along the sea shore towards the East to the black track, following which You go back to the beginning – “Wyrzutnia” presentation.

Kind of a trail: Nature

The length: 7 km

Rąbka, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Rąbka, fot. Pomorskie Travel

The light of a lighthouse

The trail goes along the blue track of the touristic trail in Smołdzino Forest Reserve Area. It leads from the forest parking place to the highest forested dune of Smoldzino National Park and the lighthouse in Czołpino, further to the entrance to the beach and along the sea shore going West to so called “Red Hut”  and the cage with the white eagle situated in a former military base in Czołpino.

Kind of a trail: nature – culture

The length: 5,5 km

Lighthouse in Czolpino, fot.

Lighthouse in Czolpino, fot.


The trail starts at the office of Smoldzinski National Park building, then walking down the Smoldzina Street (Lipowa and Kosciuszki Street), next down the road along Lupawa River, juniper gully, through the forest to the Rowokol peak and the viewing platform. This trail is almost the same as the blue touristic trail. The end of it is at the main road Smoldzino – Slupsk.

Kind of a trail: nature

The length: 5 km

Further information:

-Current information about the attraction’s, tours and the ticket prices You will get in the tourists information office (Smoldzino  Kosciuszki 3 Street) Tel: 59 8 11 72 15

-Visiting the Slowinski National Park You can also visit Museum of Slowinski Village in Kluki.

Rowokół, photo by M. Kraszewska / Pomorskie.Travel

Rowokół, photo by M. Kraszewska / Pomorskie.Travel


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