Słupsk has a very interesting tourist package, presenting the rich history of the town and the region, and abounding in Pomerania’s tourist and cultural attractions. The town’s primary asset is its historic buildings. Its highlight is the Słupsk Town Hall, the HQ of the town’s authorities from its establishment in 1901. It is a unique building for Pomerania, featuring decorative stained-glass windows and paintings depicting the history of the town. The Town Hall tower, which was opened three weeks ago, features a magnificent panorama of the city, to which you are invited by the Amber Bear of Luck.

Tourists are also drawn here by Gothic churches, mediaeval fortifications with town gates, the Witches’ Tower, and the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, which houses the Museum of Central Pomerania. Besides the ethnographical and regional exhibitions the museum also features the largest collection of works by S. I. Witkiewicz (Witkacy). It is also worth seeing the oldest lift in Europe – a technical monument in the Department Store at Plac Zwycięstwa.

One of the first amber guilds in Pomerania was founded in Słupsk. Its tradition is cultivated by amber galleries. Tourists can see and purchase hand-made objects of amber or listen to stories and legends on how the valuable material is formed and processed.

Słupsk is also used as a base camp for trips to the regional sites, already recognised throughout Poland, such as the Checkered-House Land, and the Hydroelectrical Power Plants Route. Another magnet for tourists is the Słowiński National Park and the “Dolina Słupi”. Landscape Park. Activity tourism is rapidly developing. Słupsk is attracting more and more canoeists and anglers, and it draws tourists with its regional network of hiking and cycling routes, where, among other things, horse riding trips are organised. In the summer season, the seaside resorts effectively complement Słupsk’s tourist assets. The well-developed transport network makes it easier for tourists to reach their holiday destination. In the summer, such resorts as Ustka, Rowy, Darłowo, Jarosławiec, and Łeba organise a number of promotional events, featuring the tourists and residents of Słupsk. The traffic also goes in the reverse direction – entertainment events organised in Słupsk also attract many tourists and people living in nearby resort towns, not only those close to the seaside. All these attractions, along with the opportunities provided by the town, comprise a complementary and thorough tourist package that caters to all needs, even those of the most demanding clients.

On the square by the Town Hall you will meet the Słupsk Bear of Luck, which provides information on Słupsk, greets tourists, and guides you around the town hall. As legend has it, the figure of the Amber Bear, a talisman of a bear hunter, is one of the most carefully-protected museum items in Europe, never leaving the safe of Kulturhistorisches Museum in Stralsund. In 2003, the Słupsk Bear was returned to the residents of Słupsk. A copy of the figure was displayed in the Town Hall. The pleasnt Bear is a symbol of luck for the town’s residents and tourists.



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