Kościuszko Square and the Southern Pier

On Kościuszko Square there is the big Hotel Gdynia, with the Music Theatre of Danuta Baduszkowa located nearby. On the other side of the square one of the biggest Modernistic houses in Gdynia can be admired, the one in which a cinema used to operate over ten years ago. The Polish Navy Headquarters building is located nearby. Passing through Waszyngtona Street Gemini can be reached, an entertainment and culture centre with a Multicinema. The Sea Towers skyscrapers constructed in 2003-2006 overlook the area, being the highest residential and office building in Tricity. Kościuszko Square itself contains various monuments, including the Polish Sailor 1939-1945, Polish Army Forces in the West,and the AK Soldiers monuments which are decorated with flowers on the more important State events.

The Southern Pier was built in the 193O’s and currently it is the tourist and recreation centre in Gdynia. ORP “Błyskawica”, is located there, the destroyer which participated in battles in WWII and now serves as a museum ship. Also “Dar Pomorza” can be visited there as a museum. From the pier cruiser ships sailand the local public transport ship which take passengers to Gdańsk and Hel in summer. On the other side of the pier there is the Gdynia Aquarium and the Modenistic building of the Maritime Academy. The Gdańsk Marina with yacht is located in the neighbourhood. This is the biggest yacht harbour on the Polish coast. The Pier ends with a monument to Joseph Conrad Korzeniowski and the plates of the Avenue of Passenger Cruisers which visit Gdynia.

The whole area is a special maritime forum extremely attractive for tourists, and representative of Gdynia. This is where the contact with sea is felt strongly, probably the strongest on the whole Polish coast.


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