Pomeranian Stonehenge

Where do they come from? Why they were created? Were they a temple, a calendar or maybe a family tomb of ancient tribes? Throughout the years archaeologists, historians, astronomers ans even the botanists explored the area and today we know quite a lot about them, but till this day no one is sure… what was the real purpose of the stone rings.


Odry is a small Kashubian village, in Chojnice district, close to a small city Czersk. It is here where the Nature Stone Rings Reserve is located – the largest in Poland, second in Europe centre of stone rings, so a mysterious srone constructions and hills, which are dated between I and II century A.D. Those are remaining of Goths and Gepids tribes who inhabited these areas  for some time during the great migration from Scandinavia to the Black Sea.

A bit of history

The cemetery area is spread out on the territory of 8 km and consist of 10 stone rings and 30 hills with the total number of 600 graves. Throughout the years scientists  had many theories about their history and purpose. In 1874 Abraham Lissauer, the archaeologist, born in Kościerzyna investigated that the tools, found there were made in the  neolith times. 50 years later prof. Jozef Kmiecinski said that those were Preslavic constructions. The Nazi scientists said that those rings were a kind of Germanic sanctuary. Finally, in 1962 dr Jerzy Kmiecinski came to conclusion that this cemetery is a remaining of Scandinavian tribes who after staying here around 200 left Pomerania.

A big variety of artefacts found there during archaeological excavations canbe found in Historical – Ethnographical Museum in Chojnice. The most precious artefacts are presented there. They document the material and spiritual culture of the Goths , such as the ceramics, jewellery, tolls and the model of the cemetery with the reconstruction.

Stone circles in Odry, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Stone circles in Odry, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Ghost, aliens and the positive energy

This place has been for many years an object of interests for professional scientists as well as the amateurs. Also astronomers were here, trying to prove the relation between the stones and the ancient star observations. Also dowsers were here. According to them the rings and hills are the place big power, collecting an energy from the Earth and the Space. The geomancy lovers believe that this place is full of positive energy.

According to some others, the stone rings and other such items are related with the extraterritorial form of life. Some witnesses say that the observed strange phenomena in the sky during the night. “Moving” constellations or temporary human disappearance and appearance are just some of them.

There will also something for the ghosts hunters. According to some legends, one of the grave belongs to the Pomeranian prince, whose coffin was made out from amber. Some treasure hunters tried to find it but they were stopped by the ghost of the prince. People believe that since then his ghost is scaring all those who would like to come and search for more treasures.

Stones protected by law

Also biologists believe that there are mysterious artefacts here. Since 1958 this area in protected by law as the nature reserve. It was created not only due to its archaeological artefacts but also to protect around 90 kinds of very rare mosses found on the stones. There would be no mystery about it but he fact You can only find them in the mountains. Some of them are typical for Scandinavia.

How to get there

The reserve is situated around 1,5 km North – West from the Odry village, on the Southern side of Wda River. You have to take the Zawodzinskiego Street. In the forest, after around 200 meters, turn left along with the sign to the road leading to the Miedzno village. After 500 metres, take the right turn which will take You to the entrance gate and the parking place. During summer there is an entrance fee.

The idea for travels in time, the Stone Rings Trail

It is also worth visiting:

  • Leśno (Brusy district, Chojnice county) – the reserve with the cemetery is situated in the North from Leśno village, in the forest at the Leśno Górne Lake, close to the walking paths. You can get here from the village (the road along the cemetery, around 1.5 km South), or from the Leśno – Brusy road (after getting into the forest, go South, to Leśno and turn wright into the road with a sign)
  • Piaszno (Tuchomie district, Bytowo country) – the stone rings there are situated around 1.2 km South form Piaszna. We can get there by the road from the viewing tower, driving through the farm.
  • Tratkownica (Somonino district, Kartuzy county) – the cemetery in Tratkownica is situated on the wright bank of Radunia River, around 3 km West from the Babi Dół village. You can get there driving from the Żukowo – Kościerzyna road, turning just after passing Babi Dół into the wide forest road, heading West. The local people call this stone rings, the “Stone Wedding”. Why they call it like that – ask them.
  • Węsiory (Sulęczyno district, Kartuzy county) – the Goths cemetery is situated around 1.5 km South from the village, North – West side of the Long Lake. The parking is situated around 800 metres from the monuments, that is why the last part we go on foot. Nevertheless, it is worth doing that.



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