Pomorskie bicycle trips for children

The Pomorskie Voivodeship is not only a cycling paradise for long-distance runners and competitive athletes - we have routes for every bike and every age! Below you will find ideas and tips for bicycle trips for children and their parents.

Attractions along the route, information about sections and surfaces, a downloadable GPS track and an interactive overview map – in short, everything you need to plan a trip for the whole family. Remember that the bicycle season in Pomorskie lasts all year round!

A loop around Przywidzkie lake

Jezioro Przywidzkie, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

A loop around Przywidzkie lake

A loop leading along a dirt forest track along the shoreline of Przywidzkie Lake. Almost the entire length of the route is hidden under the crowns of deciduous trees, so riding it on a hot summer day is pure pleasure. Along its route we pass several beach places, including one (in Przywidz) which is a guarded swimming area. This is where we start the trip. The trail becomes even more charming in autumn, when the leaves of the trees surrounding it become colorful. Due to the terrain and road quality, the route is recommended for bicycle trips for children who can ride bikes efficiently. You can ride a bike with a seat or a trailer along its entire length without any problems. However, when driving with a trailer, you need to be aware of the additional load on driveways.


Bicycle trips for children through the Vistula Spit

Trasa Krynica - Piaski, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Krynica is a good starting point for short family trips along the Vistula Spit. Driving eastwards you can reach the very border of Poland with Russia. However, if we choose the western direction, we will reach Przekop and further to Katy Rybackie. The route leads largely through the forest on a wide path with an aggregate surface, and in Krynica itself, along a promenade with an asphalt bicycle path.

The biggest attractions of the route are beautiful views of the Baltic Sea and communion with the rich nature of the Vistula Spit Landscape Park. The length of individual trips can be determined individually, depending on the children’s abilities. I return to the starting point by the same route. The route is recommended for bicycle trips for children who are able to ride a bicycle on their own. You can ride a bike with a seat or a trailer along its entire length without any problems.


The loop near Pruszcz Gdanski

Pruszcz Gdański, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

A loop route leading cyclists along separated and paved bicycle paths through the area of Pruszcz Gdanski. We start the tour at one of the biggest attractions in this location – the reconstructed Trading Factory, which is part of the former International Amber Route.

There is also an extensive recreational square in the area for children of all ages. The planned route will take us along a bicycle path along the bank of the roaring Radunia River to another recreational square where you can have a picnic and children can actively spend time on the playground.

The return route towards the starting point is also a route leading along separated bicycle paths. The entire route is approximately 4 kilometers long, so due to the bicycle paths used and the distance, it can be successfully dedicated to bicycle trips for children of all ages. The entire route can be easily ridden by bike with a seat or trailer.


Czarlin Loop

Na trasie pętli Czarlina, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

A short forest and nature loop leading around the picturesque Kashubian Slupinko Lake. The Czarlin Loop is a bicycle trail in the Wdzydze Landscape Park, marked in blue. The route is especially recommended for lovers of active recreation in the bosom of nature.

The area surrounding the trail is a picturesque Kashubian landscape of pine forests lined with lush green moss and swift streams winding between crystal clear lakes. And all this can be found along this short loop. The route is about 13 kilometers of nature-filled Kashuby. When going on a trip to this area, you must be aware that you will have to struggle uphill to the moraine hills, but you will also have to go down these hills.

The Czarlin Loop is a route dedicated to children who can efficiently ride a bike in the field on dirt roads and, in some places, sandy areas. Eligible for a bicycle trip with a child in a child seat. Due to the narrowing of the route on the footbridge over the isthmus between Slupinko and Radolne Lake, it is not recommended to ride with a bicycle trailer.


Loop around Sobieszewska Island

Wyspa Sobieszewska, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Wyspa Sobieszewska, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

The route is an almost 20 km loop that discovers the landscape and natural values of Sobieszewska Island. The entire route includes bicycle paths or a road with little vehicle traffic. The most interesting sections with beautiful views lead from Swibno to Przegalina along the top of the flood embankment and from Przegalina along the Martwa Wisla to Sobieszewo. There are several attractions for children along the way: the observation tower of the Kazimierz water reservoir, the lock in Przegalina and a playground for the youngest in Swibno. Optionally, you can go on a trip to the Ptasi Raj or Mewia Lacha nature reserves.

The route is recommended for bicycle trips for children who are able to ride a distance of approximately 20 km on their own. You can ride a bike with a seat or a trailer along its entire length without any problems.


A loop around Karsinskie Lake

Okolice Jeziora Karsińskiego, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

The route is almost 22 km long and leads through selected sections of the Kashubian Route network. It mainly runs along bicycle paths separated from local traffic and through the area of the Bory Tucholskie National Park along a forest path with no car traffic allowed. The road surface is variable, but allows comfortable travel with any type of tourist bike.

The route is quite undulating, but the ascents and descents encountered along it should not cause problems even for less skilled cyclists. The main attraction of the route is the surrounding nature of the Tuchola Forest National Park. Almost along the entire length of the loop, the tourist is surrounded by the charming forested areas of the Tuchola Forest, which are green all year round. The crystal-clear lakes and ponds emerging from the forest thickets that you pass along the way give the loop an unprecedented atmosphere, giving you a sense of relaxation and relaxation. The surrounding towns are local outposts providing excellent delicacies of regional Kashubian cuisine.

Due to the distance and terrain, the route is recommended for children who can ride a bike efficiently and independently. You can ride a bike with a seat or a trailer along its entire length without any problems.


A small loop near Wladysławowo

The loop is only 15 km long, but the number of attractions for children means that you can plan it for the whole day. It runs entirely along separated bicycle paths, so it is perfect for children of all ages. A good starting point is Wladysławowo, which, as a popular holiday resort, has many attractions for children, including: Sowinski Luna park and the Butterfly Museum. It is also connected to Gdynia by railway, which is an advantage for people who do not have a car.

The first mandatory stop on the route should be the maze in the corn field in Swarzewo. In fact, it is a whole complex of various attractions, including a historic locomotive, an upside-down bus, a viewing point on the wing of an airplane, a mini zoo, an inflatable slide and two monster trucks. The highlight of the trip will probably be a visit to Ocean Park, located just before Wladysławowo when coming from Lebcz.

You can ride a bike with a seat or a trailer along its entire length without any problems.


A long loop near Wladysławowo

Mali rowerzyści na trasie dużej pętli we Władysławowie, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

The loop, which is just over 42 km long, is an extended variant of the described 15-kilometer loop. The route is very rich in tourist attractions, many of them are detailed in the description of the small loop. Its longer variant should include the seaside boulevard and Swiatowid Promenade in Jastrzebia Gora, the North Star marking the most advanced part of the Polish coast and the lighthouse in Rozewie.

The vast majority of the route is a ride on paved and safe bicycle paths separated from general traffic. Due to the distance and terrain, it is recommended for children who are skilled and experienced in full-day trips over longer distances.

The entire route can be ridden without any obstacles by bicycle with a bicycle seat or trailer.


Przytarnia Loop

Fragment trasy Pętla Przytarnia, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Less than 16 kilometers long loop route, which is a section of a longer trail marked with red signs. The entire route runs through one of the most beautiful regions of Kashuby – Wdzydzki Landscape Park. The proposal is a nature trip through the pine forests surrounding Wdzydze Lake. The route connects beautifully situated forest lakes and ponds with peat bogs. The suggested place to start and end the trip is a parking space with a shelter right on the shore of Wdzydze Lake near the town of Przytarnia. These are also perfect places for a picnic and a swim in the lake. It is also worth going slightly north along the lake shore, where you will find viewing platforms in the most picturesque places of Wdzydze Lake. The biggest attraction of the trip may be climbing the highest observation tower in this area, located in Przytarnia.

The distance of the route will certainly be coped with by children who can ride a bike efficiently in the wilderness, where you can sometimes encounter sandy forest paths. The entire route can be covered by a bike with a child seat. When going on a trip with a trailer, you must bear in mind difficulties resulting from sandy sections in some places.


Bicycle trips for children along the routes on the Vistula Embankments

Wycieczki rowerowe dla dzieci na wale Wisły

...chwila na podziwianie widoków z wałów wiślanych, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Sections of bicycle paths on the Vistula embankments are among the most attractive options not only for adults but also for bicycle trips for children. Beautiful views and ubiquitous peace have a positive impact on cycling recreation in this area. You can freely create trips between Gdansk and Cedry Wielkie and in Tczew, but take the same route back into account. The main advantage when it comes to the requirements of the youngest cyclists is that most sections have asphalt surfaces and the differences in elevation are almost imperceptible. An excellent destination for a trip may be the boulevard in Tczew, where there is a large playground. Tczew itself also offers other attractions for children, e.g. the Art Factory and the Shipwreck Conservation Center. You can ride a bike with a seat or a trailer along its entire length without any problems.

So if you are looking for places where you can go on bicycle trips with children, we invite you to the Pomorskie Voivodeship…




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