Pomeranian travel in time

Pomerania is a special region in every aspect. Its beautiful nature, cultural heritage and history appeal to many tourists from all over the world. Also, when architecture is concerned, it is a unique part of Poland. The variety of forms from different periods is visible all over the voivodeship.

Special interest of all history lovers go to the Pomeranian castles., which history is very much connected with the Teutonic Order. The relicts of the Teutonic ruling on these lands are almost all castles You can find in Kashuby.

Thanks to the Teutons we can visit now Malbork castle – the former sit of the Grand Master Urlyk vin Jungingen, the heart of the empire and at the same time the biggest brick construction in the world.

Zamek w Malborku widziany przez Nogat, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Zamek w Malborku widziany przez Nogat, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Connected with Malbork was also castle in Sztum. It was the summer residence of the head of the state. It was situated on the hilly island is perfectly matching to the landscape.
All who during the sightseeing are also searching for the historical curiosities, should visit the castle in Kwidzyn. It’s characteristic sign is the longest toilet tower in the Teutonic state, called “Gdanisko” – extended 55 meters form the Western castle wing, reaching the lowest areas of the river delta.

Gdanisko zamku w Kwidzynie, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

The medieval constructions in Pomerania region are triggering the imagination of the little ones as well as a bit older adventurers.. Many of those places are hiding some mysteries. One of them is the history of the missing amber chamber – a big mystery of WWII leads to the castle in Człuchów. This is the place, as some say, where Nazi had hidden some of their stolen treasures.

Extremely stormy is also a history of the biggest Teutonic castle on the left bank of the Vistula River. – the castle in Gniew. Throughout the years it had many functions (form the granary to the prison). It burned down in a mysterious fire in 1921. After 70 years it raised from ashes and is a sit of the nights, this time modern ones.

Zamek w Gniewie, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Zamek w Gniewie, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Many of interesting stories about the tournaments, the battles, hidden intrigues, famous trials and far journeys  walls of the castle in Bytów heard about. In this castle nights from all over Europe, coming to the Teutonic state found their shelter. That was also the place where judges, writers, publicans had their offices because the castle in Bytów played an important administrative role.

Despite all preserved monumental historical artefacts of the gothic castles there are quite a few smaller artefacts which survived. All over Pomorskie voivodeship there are castle ruins and mansions scattered around. Worth mentioning are remaining of the castle Stara Kiszewa and Grabiny Zameczek (on the Motława cycling path) – they prove the excellent knowledge of medieval constructors.




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