Latin School in Malbork

Its original purpose is uncertain , perhaps it was to be the seat of the Brotherhood of St. George. It is known that from the second half of 16th century, the school functioned here called, since 1603,the Latin School. In the first half of 18th century the building underwent significant renovations, and in 1758 it was extended eastward by covering it with a new roof. In 1866 the school moved to the newly constructed building located at the present 17th March Street. At that building were set up some apartments and warehouses. In 1899 during the fire of the city upper floors of the building were burned completely. A year later the building was rebuilt into a warehouse facility. Again it destroyed in 1945. What remained was the lower parts of the medieval walls at the river side. In the 70s ruins were to be renovated, however unsuccessfully.




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