Krynica Morska – the richness of the natural environment

The area of the city falls entirely under the area of the Vistula Spit Landscape Park. The clean, iodine-rich air of Krynica Morska and the iodine-rich brine springs discovered in the 1970s attract visitors of all ages.

Wide, sandy beaches stretch along the seashore tempt tourists who are thirsty for sun and sea bathing and invite them to a relaxing stroll along the seashore. Krynica Morska abounds in white dune hills covered with interesting vegetation and strips of dense pine and beech forests. These are areas covered by the protection of habitats “Vistula Bay and Vistula Split” and the nature reserve “Beeches of Vistula Bay”. The highest dune hill is Camel Hump, 48. 5 m above sea level, from which stretches a magnificent and extremely picturesque panorama of the area.

300 kilometres of sandy beaches

On the border of the waters of the Vistula Lagoon you can see from here the areas of the Elblag Highlands and the tower of the Frombork Cathedral. The waters of the Baltic Sea are full of extremely tasty fish, which can be purchased early in the morning from returning fishermen. Such direct trade in the fishing port is a guarantee of freshness, low prices and preliminary preparation of the fish (as a rule, they are already gutted and cleaned) to prepare a great meal.

Sea bream is abundant in flounder, herring, turbot cod and salt. The waters of the Baltic Sea and the Lagoon are conducive to aquatics. On the shore of the Lagoon is located the largest marina in these areas with a very good sailing base.

Krynica Morska, lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Krynica Morska, lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Tourist history of Krynica Morska

The years of greatest development and splendour of the resort fall to the times of the communist times. The 1960s was the time when all the company holiday centres were established in the city, and the holiday stay in Krynica was quite an honour for the employee. Many exclusive resorts were built here, mainly visited by miners from Upper Silesia, Warsaw and Elblag

In the 1990s, the fishing settlement was granted city rights and so far Krynica Morska is the only town on the Vistula Spit. The neighbouring town of Piaski, located near the border with the former USSR, attracted quite a number of naturists, who were not disturbed by the attentive observation of vigilant border guards.

Contemporary offer of the city

Interesting geographical location, climatic conditions, landscape values and natural attractions as well as peace and quiet are the undoubted advantages enjoyed by the areas of modern Krynica Morska. The attractive and varied offer of the city offers its guests various forms of rest and relaxation. Beaching, sailing, walks and excursions await those who are eager to take a break from everyday life, while the centre hosts numerous cultural and entertainment events during the season.

Attractive area for cycling rally enthusiasts

Full of natural greenery, Krynica Morska and its adjacent areas are a very good place for cyclists who like to take advantage of extremely scenic hiking trails. Cycling escapades promote getting to know the area and the natural values of these areas. The road running through pine and beech forests can be moved as far as the nearby eastern border of the country.

Camel's Hump, photo: Municipal Office in Krynica Morska

Camel's Hump, photo: Municipal Office in Krynica Morska

Water cruises from Krynica Morska

During the peak tourist traffic, you can buy a cruise by boat departing from the port of Krynica. This water trip can be completed by visiting the fortified medieval fortifications in Frombork or Elblag.

Picturesque viewpoints of the city

Above Krynica Morska rises a 27m high lighthouse made available to visitors. After the more than 100 winding lighthouse stairs you can reach the observation deck, from which you can enjoy a wide view of the city, the boundless waters of the Baltic Sea and the Vistula Lagoon. In the vicinity you can also enter another perfectly located observation site -Pirate Mountain and the natural, already mentioned, highest point of dune hill, a Camel Hump.

Krynica Morska, lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Krynica Morska, lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Marina in Krynica Morska

The 328 km area of the Polish part of the Vistula Lagoon is conducive to water sports. After flooding, vessels up to 5m in length can swim. The marina in Krynica Morska is a place of regularly organized sailing and windsurfing regattas, and in winter boilers.

Seaside beach – a place for summer sunbathing and year-round walks.

Very good infrastructure of the wide and spacious sandy White Beach is a guarantee of high quality services prepared for several thousand tourists who visit Krynica Morska every year. In the summer season on the developed coastal area are waiting for people:

  • water equipment rentals,
  • safe area for the youngest,
  • clean sanitary zone, lounge area with the possibility of renting a comfortable resting place,
  • relaxation zone,
  • atmospheric bars and restaurants offering attractions to the palate and which become a place of coolness and escape from the sun-heated beach.The beautiful Krynica beach is also visited by guests and spa guests outside the hot summer season. The iodine-saturated air favours walks along the Baltic coast.
Port in Krynica Morska

Port in Krynica Morska

Where to eat well and where to find accommodation in a seaside resort?

Krynica Morska offers its guests various forms of organized recreation in existing resorts and holiday and treatment houses. These proposals are used by people of different ages and from different regions of Poland and Europe. There are also numerous hotels, guest houses and private accommodation for individuals and families, and in the summer season there are also campsites and campsites.

In April 2003 The City Council named one of its most beautiful arteries Teleexpress Street, which became a popular media attraction in Krynica. Along the street there are numerous accommodation units and restaurants offering guests exquisite food and evening rest with a glass of good wine.

The charming Krynica Morska is a place where you can get lost in the relaxing circumstances of the ubiquitous nature and at least briefly forget about the bustle of the big city.



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