Cistercian Fair in Pelplin

This celebration brings back to life customs and tradition of the distant times, when Pelplin grounds were managed by the grey monks. During the Fair, the former monastery in the Wierzyca river valley and current Seat of Pelplin Diocese is full of history, culture, music and customs of the times long gone. Good spirits of the Cistercian monks watch upon all those that arrive to Pelplin to admire its rich heritage and enjoy a little time travel.

The fantastically preserved cultural heritage of Pelplin is particularly visible in the historical reenactments of life in the old monastery. The convivial atmosphere of a Medieval fair together with the towering gothic basilica make Cistercian Fair one of the most important cultural events in the Pomorskie region.

Cistercian Fair in Pelplin

Cistercian Fair in Pelplin

In their spiritual capital city the inhabitants of Kociewie gather to pray for region’s prosperity and rejoice the “gift of presence” of the community that had settled in Wierzyca and Vistula valley. A day in life of an old Cistercian abbey and historical reenactments, colorful pageants, jousting and knight tournaments, presentation of contemporary music, scribe workshops, traditional food and drinks and a science conference are among various activities of the annual Pelplin Cistercian Fair.

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