In the secret garden

A few years ago, Mrs. Zofia Zienkiewicz, affectionately called Zofia Lawenda by her clients, came up with an idea to fill a niche on the market. She started growing edible flowers, herbs and lettuces. Today, “Lavender Gardening” is visited by the best chefs who cannot imagine serving their dishes without picturesque, floral additions on their plates.

I have always loved nature. Working in the garden, among the plants, was a mystery to me. This, in turn, was the motivation to discover something new and interesting. We plant seeds, something blooms, it grows. Then we can come up with something, look for something, show others how rich and interesting our nature is. It’s not just about the fact that plants look beautiful and can be decorative. If we combine them with cooking, we create tasty dishes that delight the palate. Hence the idea of growing edible flowers, herbs and lettuces. They create edible decorations, says Zofia Zienkiewicz, owner of “Lavender Gardening”.

Lavender Gardening

Lavender Gardening

Gardening Lavender is primarily edible flowers. The offer includes species such as nasturtium, begonia, marigold, dahlia, marigold and, of course, lavender. And this is just a fraction of what Lavender Gardening offers. Mrs. Zofia also grows herbs, such as rosemary, multi-coloured sage, bay leaves, lemon verbena, tarragon and lemon balm. There is also no shortage of lettuces, from butter lettuce through roll to “lolo” lettuce and romaine lettuce. Amaranth, geranium or clover leaves look absolutely amazing on plates.

This is also Zofia Zienkiewicz’s goal – to beautify plates and tables. But as the nature lover notes, there is also something more…

My garden is not only about cultivation. It is also a place where you can relax. From the window of the house I see colours, various colours. Guests who visit me say that they feel simply great here. At the same time, it is also an idea for life and work. What more could you want? – Zofia Zienkiewicz asks, smiling.

The lavender Gardening covers over 100 hectares where cultivated species grow in peace and in harmony with the ecology. Since not all of them can be planted in developed areas, the company also cooperates with small farms that provide specific plant species.

We have always believed in what we do. Thanks to hard work, continuous development, improving our working methods and expanding our product range, we can be and give the best we have. Our offer includes over 200 different products.

Interestingly, you don’t have to go far to visit the Lavender Gardening. Zofia Lawenda’s Garden is located in Gdansk, in areas slightly away from the city center, where plants peacefully climb towards the sun.


Ogrodnictwo Lawenda
ul. Żuławska 53, Gdańsk
tel. 501 333 409



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