Bory Tucholskie Biosphere Reserve: a jewel of Pomorskie nature

Bory Tucholskie, located in northern Poland, is one of the country's most valuable natural treasures. These vast forests, spread over an area of over 3,000 km², hide many secrets and unique ecosystems. In the heart of this area is the Bory Tucholskie Biosphere Reserve, which is a real natural gem.

History of the Bory Tucholskie Biosphere Reserve

Over 500 such reserves have been designated around the world. Their main purpose is to protect biodiversity and enable better observation of ecological changes on a planetary scale.

They perform three basic functions: protective (protecting the landscape, ecosystems, species), development (creating opportunities for economic and social development, culturally and economically sustainable), logistic support through ecological education, training, research and monitoring in relation to local, regional, national and global issues related to nature conservation and sustainable development. As part of the development function, the role of humans who coexist with nature is emphasized.

Tucholskie Forest National Park, fot. Pomorskie.Travel/M. Ochocki

Tucholskie Forest National Park, fot. Pomorskie.Travel/M. Ochocki

Work on the creation of a biosphere reserve began in 2000. After 8 years of intensive preparations and work, in 2008 the preparation of an application for UNESCO recognition of the areas of the largest forest complex in Poland, Bory Tucholskie, as a biosphere reserve began.

The Bory Tucholskie Biosphere Reserve was created in 2010 and covers an area of approximately 88 km². It is the tenth facility of this type in Poland and also the largest. It is also part of the international UNESCO program – “Man and the Biosphere” (IRA), which aims to protect biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources.


Bory Tucholskie is a real paradise for nature lovers. This area is characterized by extremely rich biodiversity. The forest is home to many species of animals and plants, including such rare species as the Eurasian lynx, white-tailed eagle, lesser spotted eagle and great egret.

One of the most characteristic elements of the Bora forests are lingonberries. These low shrubs with red fruits are known not only for their taste, but also for their extraordinary health properties. Lingonberries are a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins, which makes them valuable for both humans and other animals.

The unique nature of the Tuchola Forest, fot. Pomorskie.Travel/Mateusz Ochocki

The unique nature of the Tuchola Forest, fot. Pomorskie.Travel/Mateusz Ochocki

The role of the Reserve in Nature Protection

The Bory Tucholskie Biosphere Reserve plays a key role in protecting nature in the forests. One of its main goals is to preserve forest ecosystems in their natural state. Thanks to this, residents and tourists can admire the beauty of this region, while contributing to its long-term protection.

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The reserve also conducts scientific research that helps better understand forest ecosystems and their importance for maintaining the balance in nature. This research is invaluable to broader conservation efforts.

Under protection but for everyone, tourism and education in a biosphere reserve

Ścieżki edukacyjne w PN Bory Tucholskie,, Fot. M.Ochocki

The Bory Tucholskie Biosphere Reserve attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad. It is an ideal place for lovers of active recreation in the bosom of nature. Here you can wander along numerous hiking and cycling trails, as well as kayaking on picturesque rivers and lakes.

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Biosphere Reserve is not only an oasis for wildlife, but also a center for ecological education and sustainable development. It is a place that reminds us how precious and delicate our planet is. Its existence and nature conservation activities are extremely important in the context of the global challenge of maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem balance. Therefore, it is worth visiting this unique reserve, experiencing its charm and contributing to its long-term protection.



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