Manor houses and palaces stand in the picturesque corners of Pomerania, by the seacoast, near lakes, on rivers, and in forests.

The Palace and Park Complex in Sasino

The palace in Sasin was built in 1862. The charming land property is located 1.5 km from the village and 3 km from the sea, a clean beach with dunes and the Stilo lighthouse in Osetnik. A road with rows of spruces leads to the palace.

The historical documents indicate the Jatzk family received the right to taxes in Jatzkow and Sasin in 1527; these properties remained in their hands until 1618. They proceeded to fall under various owners of the von Krockow clan. In 1823, the Sasin property was sold to Mr. Rams. He began to drain the swamps to the south of the village, where he opened a grange and built a small manor. For the next decades, Rams systematically cleaned up the terrain and developed the utility section; he also started the construction of a new, more imposing, manor building. In 1864, the legal inheritor of the large property was Rams' son-in-law - Wilhelm von Somnitz. During the years 1902 - 1907, the property was owned by Captain von Zitzewitz. This was when the Stilo lighthouse OMG was built. Successive owners of Sasin included the Count von Sydow, Captain von Holtz and the Jung family (1924-1945). As a result of the war and the invasion of the Red Army, the property was devastated.

After the war, the abandoned property fell under the ownership of the National Treasury. After a general renovation, the manor was adapted as a camp centre. From 31 December 1983, the property was owned by the "Budrom" Construction and Renovation Service Company, which ran a recreation centre in Sasin. That was also the time when the manor underwent extensive renovations. In 1990, the centre was given to Pruszcz Gdański commune, and later to Choczewo commune. As a result of the 1996 tender, the building fell under private ownership.

Autor: M. Fedoruk, Urząd Miasta Wejherowa

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP