Gothic, Baroque, half-timbered houses, built of wood, brick, or filled with clay or plastered – only Pomerania offers such a diversity of religious buildings. The rich interior decor, the wall paintings and incredible stained glass windows, give the finishing touch to the structures.

St. John the Baptist’s Church in Żukowo

The first mention of the church dates back to 1253. In 1433, Pomerania was invaded by Hussites fighting against the Teutonic Knights. The church was burned down then, and remained in this state for another 200 years.

Only in 1604, did the monk A. Wskrzyński push its reconstruction, retaining the old foundations and part of the old gable. During World War II, the church of St. John was destroyed and left abandoned for decades. It was rebuilt in 1979. Its interior has a Baroque furnishing: an altar with the painting of "The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary", "The Baptism of Jesus Christ", "The Head of John the Baptist", side altars and a pulpit from the turn of the 19th Century, and sculptures from the 17th Century, "Crucified Jesus", "Blessed Virgin Mary", "St. Mary Magdalene".

Foto: R.Baranowski, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP