Manor houses and palaces stand in the picturesque corners of Pomerania, by the seacoast, near lakes, on rivers, and in forests.

The Manor in Salino

The Manor in Salino is a nationally-unique house, built on a rectangular plane, crowned with a mansard thatched roof, which offers everyone peace and relaxation.

The Salino grange was built near the end of the 17th Century, thanks to the owner of the village, the nobleman Boain Solicki. Unfortunately, the initiator did not live to the end of the construction, while the new owner, the Starost of Malbork Michael Ernst von Rexin, after the completion of the investment, created a residential house in Salin, which was a place to live out the rest of their days for the older and impoverished family members. The grave chapel of the Rexin family was built on the nearby cemetery, the undergrounds of which contain the family coffins. The renovated building played the role of the cemetery morgue until recent times.

World War II turned out to be very unfavourable to the manor, which was devastated. It was rebuilt during the years 1972 - 1975 and charmed us with its authenticity, but not for long. In 1987, the grange suffered a great fire, which consumed all the buildings. The Salino manor did not return to greatness until 1994. Since 2004, it has had a private owner, who transformed the 17th Century grange into an agro-tourism farm. The guests can enjoy 5 utility rooms on the ground floor and 5 bedrooms on the upper floor. The building's interior is adorned by 19th Century furnaces, a dowered coffer and a richly decorated, metal chamber pot.

As almost every manor, the one in Salino also has its legend, which tells of the White Lady, who comes out of the nearby lake on exceptionally windy days in her wedding dress. The phantom approaches the manor, calling her grandmother and begging her forgiveness. According to the story, one of Rexin's daughters fell hopelessly in love with a Prussian Junker. Her grandmother, a devout patriot, took to the defence of Polishness and refused to give her blessing to her granddaughter, casting a curse upon her. The love drama happened soon... during the wedding sleigh ride, the ice broke and the dark waters of the lake devoured the lovers. It is an interesting fact that the historical records of Salino actually contain mention of a sleigh, which sank in Salino Lake and the remains of sleigh runners were found on the edge of the island...