Jugendherbergen sind besonders bei Jugendlichen und Studenten beliebt, wobei sie ihren Selbstbedienungsangebot an Individual- und Gruppenreisende richten.

The School Youth Hostel in Gdańsk

Kat. I

A branch of the School Youth Hostel (SSM), it is located in a monumental tenement in the historic centre of Gdańsk. The distance to the Central Station is only 500 metres.

This branch of SSM in Gdańsk is a perfect place for cheap accommodation in the very heart of the Old Town. Low prices, high standards and kind service make tourists from the whole world visit us, and school trips book rooms in our facility every year.

The accommodation base is fully adjusted to the needs of our guests. Branch No. 1 at 21 Wałowa Street offers 96 accommodation places in the following types of rooms:

single room - 1 double rooms - 5

3-person rooms - 3

4-person room - 1

5-person room- 1

6-person rooms - 3

7-person room - 1

8-person rooms - 4

10-person room - 1

We also have shared bathrooms and toilets, and the possibility of using the self-service kitchen and the dining room. In the area of the boarding house there is a large car park for passenger cars and coaches.

Our boarding house is the perfect location both for individual guests and parties wishing to explore Gdańsk.