Uwielbiasz sport i dziką przyrodę? Aktywnie spędzasz czas i nie wyobrażasz sobie urlopu plackiem na plaży? Poznaj aktywne oferty, które przeniosą się w świat górskich rowerów, sportów motorowych, szybkich motorówek, kitesufingu czy podniebnych lotów na paralotni.

Kashubian Switzerland


Ul. Św. Ducha 26/30

80-803 Gdańsk

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Tel. 50 300 03 48

Kashubian Switzerland is a region which abounds in woods, lakes and picturesque moraine hills. A one-day trip to this area of the Kashubia Region is undoubtedly an additional attraction you should not miss while visiting the Tricity.

Apart from the breathtaking views, the Kashubia Region boasts its strong traditions which are still cultivated, an interesting culture, a language which has only recently been discovered and delicious specialities of the Kashubian cuisine.

We will take you through the most interesting places in the Kashubian Switzerland. In Żukowo you will see a historic, 12th century Norbertine Nunnery building. In the capital of Kashubia, Kartuzy, we recommend visiting a museum where you will discover the lifestyle of the Kashubians a few centuries ago. You will see traditional garments, arts and crafts as well as folk musical instruments, such as the famous devil`s violin. There will be more attractions in Szymbark, where you will learn how to sing Kashubian songs, and also discover the longest wooden board in the world, a house which stands "upside down" and the Siberia Exiles Home. To round off the trip, you will visit the observation point on the Wieżyca Hill (329m above the sea level), which is the highest point on the Middle Europe Plateau. You certainly will be enchanted by watching the sunset from the observation tower on this hill!

Start - Gdańsk
Żukowo - the Norbertine Nunnery
Kartuzy -the Kashubian Museum
Szymbark - the Centre for Education and Promoting the Region
Wieżyca Hill
Return to Gdańsk

Time: 6h


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The price includes:
Transportation (a minibus), a guide throughout the entire trip, an additional guide in Szymbark, entrance tickets to: the Centre for Education and Promoting the Region in Szymbark, the Kartuzy Museum, observation tower on the Wieżyca Hill, parking fees

Languages: english, german, polish, spanish

*With large groups, the prices are settled individually