Dobrze rozwinięta sieć szlaków rowerowych czeka na wielbicieli dwóch kółek na Kociewiu. Kilkanaście szlaków o łącznej długości ponad 1000 km umożliwi odwiedzenie najciekawszych miejsc regionu. Oprócz walorów przyrodniczych, przemierzając Kociewskie Trasy Rowerowe można dotrzeć to Tczewa, Pelplina, Gniewu czy Starogardu Gdańskiego, które posiadają bogatą ofertę kulturalną. Poznaj szlaki rowerowe na Kociewiu! Poznaj szlaki rowerowe na Kociewiu!

The Grzymisław Trail

The longest and also the most interesting out of more than 800 km network of "Kociewskie Cycling Routes". To cover them all one should devote two days to fully experience all the attractions.

The name of the trail comes from the medieval rulers of these lands, the Duke of Tczew Grzymislav, and the main theme is cultural heritage of Kociewie region. Along the way, you can see the sights of Tczew, priceless cathedral complex in Pelplin, a charming little town Gniew with a monumental Teutonic castle and located on a high Vistula River embankment town Nowe.

The route leads on local roads with low traffic and forest and dirt unsurfaced roads. Sometimes the sand surface in the woods can be tedious, which is why it is better to take wider tires. The trail is rather long and somewhat difficult, intended rather for more experienced cyclists, but at the same time the trail offers wonderful sights and picturesque landscape of Kociewie - "The Gentle Land".

Distance: 102 km

Track difficulty: moderately difficult route

Parent surface: asphalt roads

The time it takes to beat the tour: 12-14 hours (2 days)

Recommended type of bike: trekking bike

Route: Tczew - Nowe - Twarda Gora


0 km - Tczew. (railway station). The historic bridges on the Vistula River from 19th century, Old Town, Gothic parish church with a beautiful interior design, neo-Gothic town hall, Fine Arts Factory, the Museum of the Vistula, Vistula Boulevard.

25.7 km - Rajkowy. Baroque church of the first half of 18th century situated on a hillside. Inside some interesting décor: baroque main altar, a Gothic statue of the Madonna.

29.9 km - Pelplin. The Gothic post-Cistercian complex: the cathedral and a former Cistercian monastery, Diocesan Museum - a treasure trove of the religious art of the Pomorskie region, including the unique Gutenberg Bible from 15th century, the Mount of John Paul II - the place where in June 1999, Pope John Paul II celebrated a Mass, a classical palace of the Bishops of 1837, a Gothic Corpus Christi Church with Baroque and Rococo furnishings.

39.0 km - Nowa Cerkiew. A Gothic-Baroque church. Beautiful 18th century altar with the Gothic statue of Our Lady of Sorrows.

45.5 km - Dzierzazno. A Gothic church with half-timbered tower inside baroque furnishing.

54.7 km - Gniew. A Teutonic castle from 13th-14th century, one of the most powerful Teutonic fortresses in Pomorskie. The Old Town with a neo-Gothic town hall, the Gothic Church of St. Nicholas, arcaded tenements of medieval origin.

62.7 km - Piaseczno. A Gothic-Baroque church turned since 1968 into a Shrine of Our Lady Piasecka. The object of worship is here a Gothic figure of the Virgin Mary, located in the main altar. The interior is adorned with beautiful Baroque and Rococo furnishings.

78.2 km - Koscielna Jania. A Gothic-Baroque church.

79.2 km - Stara Jania. A 19th century mansion.

A tip: a railway station Twarda Gora at 91:70 km; the possibility of termination of leave without visiting Nowe village.

97.7 km - Nowe. A Gothic church from the14th-15th century with a valuable interior design. Remains of the castle of the Teutonic Knights, the old city square with townhouses.

101.7 km - Twarda Gora (return from Nowe approx. 5km). Railway station