Bory Tucholskie to idealne miejsce na rodzinne wycieczki rowerowe. Kaszubska Marszruta to sieć 4 szlaków rowerowych wytyczonych w okolicach Chojnic, Brus czy Czerska. Pokonując prawie 200 km szlaków możemy poznać kulturę i tradycję miejscowej ludności jak również zapoznać się z najcenniejszymi przyrodniczo obszarami, czyli Parkiem Narodowym Bory Tucholskie. Poznaj szlaki rowerowe w Borach Tucholskich!



Black Trail of the "Kashubian Route" (Loop Konarzynska)

Black trail of the "Kashubian Route" is a proposal of a short, several-hour cycling tour on the Konarzynska loop, starting and ending in Konarzyny.

Easy route with asphalt surface and flat area increases the pleasure of traveling the trail stretching along local roads through the fields, forests and sparsely inhabited villages on the west side of Zaborski Park. Silence, associated with little traffic and the surrounding nature and located along the lake and river valley Chociny are the biggest advantages of Loop Konarzynska.

Distance: 32.6 km

The time it takes to cover the trail: approx. 4 hours

Difficulty: Medium


Konarzyny - (3.2 km) Zychce - (6.8 km) Nowa Karczma - (8.2 km) Kielpin - (10.4 km) Binduga - (12.7 km) Nierostowo - (16.2 km) Zielona Chocina - (19.9 km) Jonki - (25.9 km) Zielona Huta - (28.2 km) Chocinski Mill - (30.7 km) Konarzynki - (32.6 km) Konarzyny

The trail begins at the main intersection in Konarzyny, near the church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Konarzyny - communal village in the district Chojnice. In 1275 a nobleman named Stanoch Malowy lived here. He belonged to the team of the prince, and his son Miroslaw in Sapolno received in 1326 from the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order a document certifying the right to the land that his ancestors had for centuries. It was a mighty dynasty of the Konarski family, from which is derived the name Konarzyny. Stanoch Malowy and Myslibous Malowy de Choynicz designated, along with Castellan in Szczytno, the boundaries of the Augustinian goods. The document, which marked the boundaries of monastic settlement called the settlement of Myslibous Konarin. In subsequent centuries the name has undergone many changes, and so in the founding document the name Cunerzin was mentioned followed by the name Konarzyno . The name comes from the equerries who guarded the royal stables. In the years 1772-1920 Konarzyny were under Prussian rule; in 1920 the village was back in the Polish state as a border town. Saints Peter and Paul Church - originally was mentioned in 1326, presently baroque from 1731. Inside the preserved baroque furnishing. Next to the church is growing more than 700-year old oak tree. Near the Regional Chamber decorated in Kashubian cottage house dating from the second half of the 19th century. We're going Szeroka street , at the end of the village appears on the left a paved bike path. Near the junction with the road leading to Zychckich Osad will be approx. 300 m an asphalt road, and later a gravel bike path. We reach village Zychce where the path finally ends, henceforth we will take the asphalt on the local road with little traffic. In Zychce we pass the shore of Lake Zycheckie and a historic park. We pass the villages Rowista and Nowa Karczma, and the shores of Lake Kielpinskie to Kielpin. Then the road running through the woods leads us to Bindugi, where you cross the river Chocina. We pass the village Nierostowo picturesquely situated on the edge of the forest. The road winds along the edge of the meadows on Chocina river. We reach the highway No. 212 Bytow - Chojnice and ride it for approx. 500 m (note the heavy traffic). In Zielona Chocina village we turn into a dirt road, pass the Great Lake and Little Green Lake, and small villages of Jonki and Dziegiel located on Chocina river and a small lake Pieczonko. We cross the Chocina river near the village Niepszczolag. We ride along the river in part forest, part clearings. On the outskirts of Zielona Huta we go deep into the forest and get to highway # 236 Brusy - Konarzynki, where we meet the yellow trail Charzykowy Czersk. We drive along the road on a dirt cycling path running on the left. At the municipal border of Konarzyny we leave the forest, the path goes into the pavement, we follow the black trail. We cross the road Chojnice - Bytow and go through Konarzynki. There is a farm team of the manor from the late 19th and early 20th century. Szkolna street directs us to the center of Konarzyny, where we make a loop, ending our tour.

0 km - Konarzyny. The commune village worth seeing: the Baroque church of Sts. Peter and Paul from the mid-18th century, a 700-year-old oak with a circumference of 487 cm, a country house from the second half of the 19th century. (it is located in Konarzynki add a spot on the map), the historic cottage house of the 19th century with a roof covered with river reeds. Apart from the black trail of the "Kashubian Route" through the village also passes the Greenway "Necklace of the North".

3.2 km - Zychce. Situated at the Zycheckie lake the village has grange and teams settlement of the early 20th century. Traveling from Konarzyny to Zychc we pass a former military airport.

8.2 km - Kielpin. The village on the lake Kielpinskie.

10.4 km - Binduga. It is one of the points of canoeing down the river Chocina. 45-mile river forms in its path picturesque landscape meandering through meadows and pastures to the west of the boundary of the Zaborski Landscape Park.

12.7 km - Nierostowo. Located on the Lake Nierostowo village where you can see wooden buildings and livestock from the mid-19th century.

16.2 km - Zielona Chocina. On the section of the road, behind the village, the route leads along the shores of lakes, water reservoirs of Big Green and Little Green lakes and the River Chocina.

19.6 km - Niepszczolag. A village near a small lake Pieczonko. The area is developing rural tourism base.

22.5 km - Sepiot. Set amidst the forest village on the west border of Zaborski Park.

28.2 km - Chocinski Mill. A village situated on the Chocina river. Some preserved houses of the 19th century, including abandoned mansion. There is also a wooden Kashubian and the remains of a wooden mill on Chocina until recently fitted with a wooden water wheel with a diameter of 2 m.

32.6 km - Konarzyny