Equestrianism is one of the most interesting forms of active leisure, and Pomerania offers you the most attractive and diverse places to giddy up. The forests of Kociewie, coastal zone, the Vistula Lagoon and the hills in Kashubia are all well prepared for the horse riding enthusiast.


Trasa konna "Borówkowa"

Kulig zimowy

Trasa konna "Dębowa"

Trasa konna "Dwa Jeziora"

Trasa konna "Wrzosowa"

The Daniel Chodowiecki walking and horse-riding trail

Trasa konna "Bychówka"

Trasa konna "Plażowa"

Dębki - Żarnowiec - Sobieńczyce - Karlikowo - Piaśnica Wielka - Pryśniewo

Wejherowo - Orle - Pryśniewo - Rybno

Trasa konna "Nad Jeziorem"

Trasa konna "Dolina Redy"

Trasa konna "Nadmorska"

Caravaning konny