Around Sobieszewska Island

Short and varied proposal of a trip around the Isle of Sobieszewo. The island was formed after the formation of the two arms of the Vistula River estuary, of natural Brave Vistula( Wisla Smiala) in the vicinity of the East Hills (Gorki Wschodnie) after the flood of 1846, and the ditch of the Vistula River, artificially constructed in the late 19th century. The route has outstanding natural and cultural values. In Sobieszewo we can see the shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, in Przegalina historic sluice, and in Orle a larch manor house with an interesting history. Ornithologists will be delighted with the reserves The Seagull Shoal (“Mewia Lacha”) and “Bird Paradise”. These are one of the most valuable bird areas in our region. On the beaches of the island, especially around the mouth of the ditch of the Vistula, quite often you can see the gray seals. The route begins and ends at the pontoon bridge and the bus terminus in Sobieszewo. You can park your car in the parking lot near the church. Most of the route (24 km) is marked blue bike trail named in honour of Vincent Pol.

Sobieszewska Island is part of the Vistula Spit, located within the administrative boundaries of Gdansk. On the island there are two very valuable nature reserves: Bird Paradise and The Seagull Shoal. The Seagull Shoal nature reserve is the area at the mouth of the Vistula Ditch, where you can admire thousands flocks of gulls, terns, ducks and other waterfowl. Sandy beaches of the reserve are favourite spots of seals, which occasionally bask in the sun. The second of reserves – Bird Paradise is located on the coastal lakes Karas and Bird Paradise, which are separated from the Brave Vistula River by a stone dike. The edges of the basins are overgrown by dense reeds, which are perfect habitat for mud water kind of birds. About 200 species of birds, of which about 30-40 are breeding species have been recorded in this area.

Route length: 28 km

Track difficulty: easy

Parent surface: asphalt, dirt roads

The time it takes to cover the tour: 2-3 hours

Recommended type of bike: trekking bike

Route: riverbed – Swibno – Sobieszewo

0 km – Sobieszewo. The most important summer resort on Sobieszewska Island. Attractions: Church M. B. La Salette, built on the site of the church of 1620 which burned down in 1986, beach, “Treasure Island” and a memorial house of Vincent Pol.

0.75 km – End of a bike path, the beginning of the shaft of the Vistula river (Przegalinska street).

1.75 km – Sobieszewska Pastwa. Center for the blind located in a former mansion, a view of the heap of phosphogypsum on the other side of the Dead Vistula.

8.9 km – Przegalina. The historic locks, remnants of the old narrow-gauge railway, port for the icebreakers of Vistula, the possibility of turning in the direction of Blotnik (new marina).

11.9 km – Swibno. Attractions: Ferry to Mikoszewo, a fishing port, the obelisk commemorating the 100th anniversary of the execution of the Piercing Vistula (1895-1995).

13.0 km – nature reserve The Seagull Shoal (“Mewia Lacha”). Breeding spots of rare species of terns, birds waders. Also, gray seals resting place.

17.25 km – Orlinki. The hotel “Orle”, nearby the road “Forsterowka” – a larch hunting lodge before the World War II it belonged to the SS Gauleiter Albert Forster.

21.1 km – Sobieszewo. Falowa street (road to the sea and the city center), next is Barwna street , Teczowa street (bars, shops, restaurants). House of Culture “Treasure Island,” Memorial Chamber of Vincent Pol.

23.0 km – Sobieszewska street (Centre “Alma II”) – the former coastal defense military unit, now liquidated.

24.3 km – Lake Karas. The road to the reserve “Bird Paradise”. Nature trail, two towers, a stone causeway that separates Lake Bird Paradise from the Brave Vistula River, group of shifting sand dunes on “Spit Messina”. Observation towers are located on the northern shore of Lake Karas and Lake Bird Paradise.

25.3 km – Eastern Hills ( Gorki Wschodnie). Bus terminal, tavern, parking, the road to the dam, the old fishing cottages.

27.8 km – Sobieszewo (end of the loop).


wyspa sobieszewska
wyspa sobieszewska
swibno 1
swibno 1
port rybacki w swibnie
port rybacki w swibnie




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