Route no. 39 Wicko (green

Leaving the car park we cross a busy road and following the signs enter the forest. Leaving buildings behind, following a winding road after 0,5km we reach the 40 fire road and turn left. 1,1km further we reach a crossroads with a pulse measuring point. At this point our route turns left into a dirt road and the red route goes straight. Having measured pulse with the help on the included table we walk on. After 2,6km by an exercise board we turn left joining the red route again. After 400m we reach the hamlet of Charbrowski Bór. Following a winding forest road and passing a huge oak (a natural monument) we reach the point where after 3,6km the red route goes straight and we turn left. From that point we walk for about 1km to close loop. After 200m we finish the walk at the starting point.




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