Route No. 2 – via Zawory

You start your journey by the Community Centre for Culture, Sport and Recreation and follow an asphalt road and then a forest path along the shore of Lake Kładno. The first-2.2km-long stage of the excursion wends its way through Grzędzickiego and Grodzisko Streets (along the NW red trail). Further on you pass the Community Watering Place by Lake Kłodno and holiday resorts situated on both sides of the street to reach the end of an asphalt road where you turn left. On arrival at the crossroads you head staight on, climbing a rather prominent hill, proceeding for approximately 300m to reach a stone post directing you to Zawory. Then you turn right and make for the village. Having come out of the forest you continue along a path winding through the fields. You pass Tamowa Hill, a wayside shrine and carry on. After a while you pass next to a cross and leave behind a group of farm buildings, while you’re exposed to some breathtaking views on Lake Kłodno. Hiking on you enter the forest once again and, following the markings, you turn right and go down a steep narrow path. Reaching the Zawory – Chmielno route extending along Lake Kłodno you take a right turn. Having walked a beaten track for about 800m you reach Grodzisko Street and pursue it to the starting point along the same way.




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