Route no. 16 Linia (yellow)

Having done the warm-up we begin the walk in the car park near the Municipal Stadium. We turn left behind the stadium and we go uphill for 400m along a dirt road. We go into an open space with two blue wind turbines dominating the landscape. After 1,1km we reach a route junction. The greeen route and the red route, which initially overlap the yellow route, turn right. A board with suggestions for example exercises is located here. Having done the exercises we go further 200m and on the 1300th metre of the walk we reach the red route again. The route will accompany us until the end of the walk. After 2,1km, over a small pond, we come across a pulse measuring point. The board shows the pulse ranges for Nordic Walking. After 600m, along Ogrodowa Street we reach a tarmac road. We turn left and after about 1km along the sidewalk we reach the car park near the stadium. The last section of the route is fitted with street lights.




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