The Islands on the Wdzydze Lake Complex

The Wdzydze Lake Complex, with an area of 1455.6 ha, is the largest lake complex in this part of Kashubia. Wdzydze Lake is the sixth deepest lake in Poland.

A national and European sensation, Wdzydze Lake is dotted with numerous natural islands. Among these are Ostrów Wielki, Glonek, Ostrów Mały, Sorka, Sidły, Mielnica, Przerośla and Ceronek. Moreover, in this ecological region, one can visit Trzepcyn island (on Gołuń Lake), and Ostrówek island (on Jelenie Lake). The largest of these islands, Ostrów Wielki, with an area of 90.66 ha, and a length of approx. 3 km, is the second largest lake island in Poland. The smallest is merely a clump of rushes growing above the water level.

However, all these islands are of key importance as habitat and hatching areas of rare and protected water and marsh birds. While on the islands and in their vicinity, you should remain quiet and not scare away, catch or harm any of the animals. Mooring boats, making campfires and camping out is also prohibited. There is also a ban on using motorboats and other motorised equipment on the open bodies of water of the Wdzydze Landscape Park.




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