SZARLOTA ** (hotel)

Szarlota is located on the shores of the beautiful Osuszyno Lake, in the heart of picturesque Kashubia. It offers its guests a stay in comfortable hotel rooms and summer houses surrounded by natural resources.

The history of SZARLOTA dates back to 1961, when the Management of the Polish Ocean Lines decided to build a company camping center for its employees. They were looking for a place that would be an oasis of peace and relaxation for people in need of rest.

A place for the construction of the center was sought from a bird’s eye view, wanting the location to provide the best possible comfort for those seeking relaxation. Construction of the facility began in June 1962. The owner changed in 1997, but the goal of resting close to nature remained.

Surrounded by pine and mixed forests, which create a microclimate conducive to rest, it offers the opportunity to rest and relax. Just leave the main road to find yourself in a world where time passes slower, surrounded by picturesque lakes in Kashubian Switzerland.




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