The Słupia – canoeing towards the sea along the beauty queen among rivers

Not many Polish rivers can present canoeing enthusiasts with what Słupia has on offer.

It enchants with its handsome, far-stretching sections winding through the woods, dotted with monumental hydroelectric power plants, scenic lakes, quaint relicts of fauna and flora, and abundance of wild animals. What adds even more to its uniqueness is the extraordinary finish to the trip on the beach in Ustka by the Baltic Sea where the river mouth lies.

The omnipresent silence and the experience of communion with nature peculiar to the Słupia Trail act like a magnet for all canoeing enthusiasts. You can find here easy (especially in the end course) and truly-challenging sections alike. At the forefront of the latter is the Sulęczyno Trough (Rynna Sulęczyńska), considered to be the fiercest river course in the whole of Pomerania, whose violent waters smash against the rocks densely populating the river bed. Travelling down the Słupia, canoeists can find themselves fully embraced by nature while taking advantage of wild camping, since the untamed landscape has not been spoiled by tourist facilities. This gives you the opportunity to experience a sense of seclusion on the trail.

Similarly to the Słupia itself, its tributaries are characterised by diversity. The Bytowa offers a trail that will allow you to fully experience the marvels of unspoiled nature. The Skotawa, on the other hand, is a river with a plenitude of trees in its bed, one that requires certain amount of skill in overcoming obstacles. Persistent and patient travellers will be rewarded with a real thrill. Another river, the Kamienica, runs swiftly across some enchanting regions. Its fast current and plentiful surprises in the water are, however, dangerous for anyone inexperienced in the craft of canoeing.





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