The Sanctuary of the Sianowo Mother of Christ Queen of Kashubia in Sianowo

It was moved three times to the Teutonic chapel in Mirachowo, but always returned to Sianowo. Soon, the village built a church for it and the figure itself became an object of cult. The Sianowo temple was on fire twice; both times the figure miraculously survived. The origin of the sculpture dates back to the 14th and 15th Centuries. It is made of linden wood and considered as so-called soft-gothic. It is almost 50 cm tall. The coronation took place in 1966. The church, with a framework structure, was built in 1816 and is the third temple in this location. Besides the gothic figure of the Sianowo Mother of Christ, the interior is home to three baroque altars and two gothic figures, which depict the Suffering Christ and the Staniszewo Mother of Christ. The church is near the Stations of the Cross and the pilgrim’s house.Church fairs are held on the first Sunday after 16 July and the first Sunday after 8 September.



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