The City Hall in Wejherowo

The first City Hall was built in 1650, the same year that Wejherowo obtained its city rights. Today, the residents and tourists can admire the structure from the year 1908. The building is home to the City Hall in Wejherowo.

There is a statue of Jakub Wejher, the town’s founder, in front of the hall, which is equipped with a bell, installed by Wejher in 1649. Due to the efforts of the city authorities, the hall was renovated during the years 2003-04, for which the city received the award of “2004 Modernisation of the Year” in the category of historical monuments. The council room inside the building deserves particular attention. Its walls host the spatial map of Judycki from 1660, made with the sgraffito technique. The models of the historical downtown and the Wejherowo Cavalry are great tourist attractions. The city hall does not charge admission from visitors.



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