The Museum of Butterflies in Władysławowo

The exhibition presents visitors with collections of butterflies and insects from all over the world. It covers over 70 entomological showcases, which hold over 3000 species of butterflies, beetles, true bugs, and phasmatodea, as well as spiders, scorpions and other anthropods.

Besides the entomological collections, there is a collection of coins, toys, heirlooms and traps associated with the “subject of insects”. Experts on the subject can attempt to solve an interactive test in butterflies and 6 short educational videos on the lives of butterflies. There is a gift shop on site, which is, of course, associated with insects. The private butterfly museum has been operating in this location since the year 2000.

It should be noted that the top floor of the Fisherman’s House picture tower overlooks the panorama of the entire town and the Hel Peninsula.



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