St Catherine’s Church in Brzeźno Szlacheckie

After the Treaty of Versailles, Brzeźno was to remain within German borders. This was opposed by the local population, and the town’s residents decided to move the border several kilometres west, therefore making the locality a Polish settlement.

In Brzeźno, you can find a historical church that dates back to 1716. The church was founded owing to contributions from the local gentry, and the construction works were organised by Rev. Wojciech Kleiner, who also acted as the conservator of the building in 1717.

The first major redecoration of the church took place in 1752, when the then parish priest of Borzyszkowy, Rev. Jan Gotfryd Borcka, ordered the construction of a bell tower. In 1902, the church was further developed. The chancel was moved 5 metres, and in its place, a new part of the aisle was built. Moreover, the shape of windows was changed, while, numerous polychrome elements were added to the interior of the building.

Initially, the church was to be based on a square floor plan. The aisle was to be 31 Pomeranian feet long, i.e. approximately 9.05 m, and the presbytery enveloped from three sides. This, from the east side, was to be 24 Pomeranian feet long (ca. 7 m). What is more, next to the northern and southern walls, sacristies were fabricated, and the old porch on the south was redeveloped into a chapel. Currently, there is only one porch on the ground floor of the bell tower.

One interesting detail to see inside the church is the choir. Its design is atypical to Catholic churches, as the music choir, with its side wings, is elongated up to the middle of the first aisle.



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