The Peter and Paul the Apostles’ Church in Puck

The origins of the temple go back to the 13th Century. This is shown by the remaining fragments of the stone foundations in the main aisle. The present church, made of granite ashlars and brick, was built at the turn of the 15th Century. Its interior is home to the baptismal chapel, a late Roman baptismal font, a baroque pulpit from the year 1800 and the 16th Century Wejcher chapel. The two-storey main altar is from the 18th Century. The church is crowned with a tower, which acts as the belfry. As of today, three bells have been preserved: two from the era of the Teutonic Knights from approximately 1400, and the third, the largest, named “Peter and Paul”, was cast in the Gdańsk bell foundry of Krzysztof Olendorf in the year 1605. Three new bells were installed in 2004. The largest, “Peter and Paul”, replaced its cracked predecessor, which was placed in the main entrance of the church. The other two, named “Mary” and “Joseph”, were hung next to the bells of the Teutonic Knights.



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