The Church of the Holy Mother of the Rosary and St. Anthony in Czarne Dolne

In the west, there is a masonry tower with a wooden belfry, of post-and-beam construction, covered with a tent roof with a spire and a banner. Located in the place of old-time Slavic settlement, on a hill, on the edge of a slope. The church is oriented, single-aisle, the vaults are flat, with a barrel vault in the sacristy. The eastern top is stepwise, with pinnacles and blind windows. Pitched roof. Inside the church there is a Baroque pulpit (17th-18th Century) and a Gothic stoup (15th Century). The main altar dates back to 1735, the tower bells to 1768 and the rectory was built in 1847.

Autor: LOT Liwa

Foto: R.Baranowski, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP



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