The BVM Queen of Poland’s Church in Gdynia

Its construction began in 1922 and the new temple was consecrated on the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Poland Holiday on 3 May 1924. The church was designed by Marian Baranowski and Roman Wojkiewicz. The architecture refers to Polish Renaissance and Baroque churches. The temple and its furnishings were built from the donations of the erstwhile Gdynia residents. The main altar, with the Mother of Christ of Consolation painting by Jan Rutkowski, was funded by Pomeranian Voivode Stanisław Wachowiak.

During World War II, the church was transformed into an Evangelical temple and its priests were arrested by the Gestapo. After the war, the temple was returned to the Catholics. Due to the growing number of followers, a modern church was built next door, which was completed in 1986. In the same year, a statue of John Paul II was erected on the square in front of the church. Today, the BVM Queen of Poland’s Church, expanded with the St. Joseph’s and St. Maksymilian Kolbe’s Chapels, holds the rank of the Gdynia collegiate church.




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