The Townhouse of The Hundsdorffs in Gdynia

A corner building designed by Marian Maśliński in the style of early functionalism of streamlined forms, built in the years 1932-1935. The townhouse consists of two wings, each with a separate staircase. Its wing from the Starowiejska street has representative three stage stairs, with space for an elevator in the “soul” and semi-residential apartment layout. A wing from the Abraham street also has a semi-residential layout, but the stairs have two stages. Recently renovated, bright façade of the building and glass windows reflect the light falling on them. On the ground floor, in the corner of the building, there is located a photographer’s FOTO Elite, continuing the tradition of pre-war photo shop of the same name and location. The townhouse is one of the elements of Gdynia Modernism Route, located on Route 1.



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