Kałębie Lake

Kałębie Lake, also referred to as the “Kociewie Sea”, is located inside the Tuchola Forest; but within the Kociewie ethnic region. There are two islands on the lake. The largest town in its vicinity is Osiek. Here, once by the lake, stood defensive walls and a Teutonic castle (as evidenced by the preserved stone foundations).

Of note, in this region, is the village of Kasparus. Here, the villagers still cherish old Kociewie traditions. This is readily seen in the architecture of this forest settlement. Perhaps the suggestion to establish here an open-air Kociewie ethnographical museum will be implemented. In Ocypel, too, you can see the characteristic wooden rural development of the ethic region, and you can spend your free time by the lake bearing the same name.




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