FALEZA *** (hotel)

The venue is situated 40 metres above sea level, and 40 metres from the seashore.

Each room has a view of the entire sea panorama. The hotel borders the famous Fox Gulch, where Sigismund III Vasa landed in 1598 after an unsuccessful journey for the Swedish crown. The Fox Gulch is a magnificent centuries-old beech forest, affording peaceful strolls and the wonderful scent of the sea and forest air.

There is a picturesque canyon with blossoming yellow and gold brooms nearby. We ensure comfortable relaxation in luxury apartments and rooms equipped with picture lunettes. The lunettes allow you to view the immense distance and vastness of the sea water, admire the ships and fishing boats returning from their journeys surrounded by seagulls, the sunrises and sunsets reflected in the peaceful open waters.




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