The Pelplin Abbotts’ House

The stonework decoration was probably made by Abraham van den Blocke (the creator of the Golden Gate, Neptune Fountain or the Golden Tenement House). Between the 17th Century and the year 1823, it was the home of the inn for the monks of the Pelplin Abbey, who came to Gdańsk on business (thus the origin of the tenement’s name), but the official owner was the Voivode of Pomerania, since the law prevented monks from owning houses in the city. The original 17th Century stairs are preserved inside. Today, the tenement is owned by the University of Gdańsk. The view from the bridge on Radunia River on St. Catherine’s Church and a fragment of the grapevine-covered wall of the Pelplin Abbotts’ House is one of the most beautiful in Gdańsk.




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