The Enden (Koniecki) House in Gdańsk

The purchase and integration of these three lots allowed him to begin a great construction. However, his plans were foiled by his death. His wife completed the construction of the beautiful tenement house in 1640.

The facade, which survived the war untouched, presents rich sculpting decorations, which were created by Andrzej Schluter Senior, who was probably the father of the genius artist who created the Royal Chapel. The artist put the depictions of Love, Wisdom, Devotion and Justice in the portal of the Enden House. The medallions with images of Heracles and Alexander the Great, busts of Christian warriors and rulers and personifications of human races and four temperaments are only some of the decorations on the tenement house. The building is crowned with a lion supported on an ellipsoid, which originates from the clan’s coat of arms.




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