The former Palace of the Wejhers in Nowęcin

As a result, the representative of the Duke (Starost) in Słupsk, Klaus Wejher, transferred his seat to a safer place, on the south-western bank of Lake Sarbsko. The estate belonged to the Wejher family until 1781 when it was taken over by Konrad Henryk von Somnitz of Charbrowo. Numerous redevelopments obliterated the original design and turned the building into a palace. The defensive layout is testified by traces of reinforcements in the form of a moat and ramparts. Today, it comprises a complex of buildings with an irregular arrangement, resembling a semicircle. Its dominant characteristic is a quadrilateral, six-storey tower soaring in the northern corner. The surrounding old-growth forest adds up to the palace’s scenic quality. The park features a burial chapel from the mid-19th Century. The farm buildings of the former grange house a horse-riding facility.




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