The Słupia – the river with power

Going down the Słupia is an unforgettable experience, with the clean, emerald waters of the river, tree branches low overhead, great green forests and tonnes of mushrooms growing everywhere. All this can be admired from a canoe going down the river under the supervision of experienced coaches. The whole length of the Słupia canoeing trails amounts to over 80 km. Particular sections present different levels of difficulty. Depending on the level of skills one can try the mountain-like section, the average-difficulty section among the tree trunks, and go over various rapids to go down the calm Słupia and concentrate on admiring the scenic landscapes. There is also an option of a several-day-long canoe trip starting from the Gowidlin Lake and ending at the beach in Ustka. The emotions of going to the river mouth on a canoe among sandy beaches are difficult to describe. There are many camping sites on the way, hydro-electric power plants, lakes and the Papal stones. Several days should be put aside for the whole trip.

The Słupia is accessible for the whole year. From autumn to spring the trips cost only a token amount. The canoe trips can be connected with other forms of activities, as Kashubia provides great conditions for biking tourism, hiking and Nordic walking, recently the most popular. Along the Słupia there is the John Paul II trail with the Papal stones. More information on canoeing down the Słupia river is available on the website. There is a chance of participating in a multimedia water trip which should encourage its participants to take the canoe trip for real.

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